September 23, 2002

In attendance: Paul Anderson, Anna Bloch, Peggy Bottorff, Chris Cook, Steve Grasson, Ginger Knutsen, Lisa Huber, Ellen Lepine, Dave McCarren, Tim Miller, Chris Murphy, and Amy Taylor

Absent: Bill Anderson, Michelle Broadway, Bill Fitzpatrick, Eileen Prazniak, Linda Somers, and A&S representative


New members: Dee Smith as A & S rep (who is leaving the Budget Office to take business manager position at A & S) (as of our 10/7 meeting) and Al Fanjoy (website development) who is already in the larger contingent of this team.


Team members are encouraged to go into the PeopleSoft demo instance and "play," since now it is ok to do more than just look at the data. Use the logon VP1 and password VP1. In particular, Query should be explored (it's at the bottom of the navigation scroll box under Reporting or Reporting Tools or something like that).

If anyone hasn't yet identified top tier to train within his/her units Peggy will contact

Peggy to contact PS Listserv and request information on PS version currently used


Ellen to send links to Peggy for university web pages we liked. And Peggy to have Dee Smith add them to a new link called "Related Links" on the UDFS page under the Communications/Training section.




Next Meeting: October 7, 2002

Minutes next time: Anna Bloch

Minutes this time: Ellen Lepine

Tutorial reminder email Peggy once completed

September 25 Intro Class 003 Hullihen Hall (attendees may want to bring laptops and/or cell phones to do work during breaks. The lunch break is on CA time and is approx. an hour long)


Consultant Update


Crestone was chosen as consulting firm by enthusiastic and nearly unanimous vote of interview team, and upper management accepted the recommendation. The negotiations are expected to begin immediately to have their start date be as soon as possible in October.

Crestone is not going to help specifically with training. But in the interview process, they did discuss how important meeting reporting needs is to the success of the project. Individual UDFS team members will learn specific skills from the consultants that we hope to tap for our team's purposes.


Critical Path Update


The "Play" instance of the database with UD data is now expected to be available around Christmas 2002 or January 2003 for report tools (views, query)


Al Fanjoy has volunteered to develop our training website. He expects to attend our next meeting. Dee Smith will continue to be able to assist to a lesser degree for quick work such as posting documents to the website. The intent is to eventually turn the website maintenance over to IT's web group.

Planned Work Session with 8.4 - not possible because the server was down


Research of other universities' websites


St Petersburg Coll Steve Grasson reported it was not very useful


U of Wisconsin-Madison Tim Miller reported that is was useful, though it is a Student Admin implementation http://www.isis.wisc.edu/


U of Akron Bill Fitzpatrick sent information through Peggy since he was unable to attend. This was also a useful site; they have implemented SA 7.5 using PeopleSoft as their consultants. https://www3.uakron.edu/peoplesoft/


Northwestern Ellen Lepine reported it was not useful


Univ. of Texas Health Sciences Center - Houston Ellen Lepine reported it was VERY useful. They are also implementing 8.4 Financials and have documented a tremendous amount of their work. http://tbr.hsc.uth.tmc.edu/fmsweb/index.htm



Next Meeting: Discuss web content for project's training and communication needs.