Meeting Date:      July 8, 2002


In attendance:  Paul Anderson, Peggy Bottorff, Chris Cook, Bill Fitzpatrick, Steve Grasson, Lisa Huber, Ginger Knutsen, Dave McCarren, Chris Murphy, Linda Somers, Amy Taylor


Excused:  Anna Bloch, Sue Koski, Ellen Lepine, Tim Miller,

Eileen Prazniak, Ruth Tauber




Next meeting to be July 22, 2002 at 10:30 a.m. in 003 Hullihen.


Dave McCarren to do minutes at July 22 meeting.




Peggy requested that each member view (if possible before next meeting) either the web or download version of the 8.4 pre-class tutorial which can be found at:




Click on “free courses” on the left.  Use either the web or download version.


Please note the following when starting web version:

-When starting, a small window may come up (or may come up then minimize).  The  window reads as follows:


PLEASE NOTE: It may take several minutes for

the course to load, depending on your

connection. If you are experiencing problems,

click here to make sure your computer has been

properly prepared 


  Do not close this window while the

          course is running.

If program doesn’t load within a few minutes, click where indicated and if necessary, you will be instructed to download and install the necessary software needed to view the tutorial.


The estimated time for this tutorial is one hour.


After you have viewed this tutorial, please let Peggy know by e-mail.


After this tutorial, Peggy will probably arrange a one-day course which will be either a CD training program or an on-demand broadcast.


Other Useful URL’s


Other useful resources are:




Committee members may optionally want to subscribe.  See link at top of screen.




Committee members should have access.


Data Warehouse Study


We need to get more information on why some of those surveyed indicated why there would be a major disruption if certain things were made unavailable.  Five items were signaled out.  Peggy and Bill will identify who indicated these answers.  The following committee member will contact the individuals:


Table dbo_ga reporting – Steve Grasson (9)

Table dbo_ga_attributes field cang_spnsr – Dave McCarren (8)

Table dbo_ga_attributes field cang_cfda_code – Linda Somers (4)

Table dbo_ga_attributes field tii_parnt – Peggy (2)

Shadow database in Access – Chris Cook (13)


Steve, Dave, Linda, and Chris should check with Peggy on Friday (7/12) or later for names of people to contact.


Amy Taylor – Shadow Systems Report


In 1995 survey before data warehouse, 76 out of 107 indicated they were using shadow system.


January, 2000 Focus Groups indicated the following:

·       Out of 126, 68 using UDcheck, Excel, or Access to extract data from data warehouse.

·       Still 25 or 30 using paper accounting.

·       A few people felt not enough still not available.

·       A list of participants can be found at http://www.udel.edu/UDFS/appendixA.html



Focus Groups


·       Peggy will send e-mail reminders to those invited who have not responded.  Email will include description of agenda which will include what information used, how used, how learned.  We will be looking for tools and screens used, reports produced, and function of participant.

·       Committee members should check with those non-responders who they invited. 

·       Location ideas discussed and will be announced at next meeting.

·       There will be 3 groups per day (3 for high-level users and 3 for routine users).  Peggy will select 1 leader per group plus one or more scribes per group – will send e-mail with assignments.  Everyone should plan to attend a session of Focus Group 1 and of Focus Group 2.

·       Beverages only will be provided at these sessions.



Submitted 7/8/02

Steve Grasson