UDFS – Communication/Training Team Minutes

May 29, 2002

In attendance: Paul Anderson, Peggy Bottorff, Chris Cook, Margie Cox, Bill Fitzpatrick, Steve Grasson, Lisa Huber, Ginger Knutsen, Sue Koski, Scott Jones, Chris Murphy, Eileen Prazniak.

Absent: Anna Bloch, Dave McCarren, Tim Miller, Ruth Tauber.

Others present: Ellen Lepine

General Meeting Minutes:

Ellen Lepine was introduced as the full-time PeopleSoft resource person and she will attend all of our future meetings.

Data Warehouse survey has been sent out and we are already getting a good response. Survey responses are due by June 15. Chris Murphy mentioned that Evelyn Stevens would be available and willing to assist users that are unsure of their warehouse options.

Team to identify reporting needs and tools training so we can make recommendation to the Reporting Team.

A question was raised concerning whether User Services has identified the Minimum desktop requirements for running PeopleSoft tools and reports.

Identified two categories for assessment:

Types of Users

super users



(raw field/pre written quires macros)

We will organize several focus groups from within our own areas to determine how tools are currently being utilized.

Ellen Lepine will start appraising PeopleSoft On-line resources for our group to look in to.

Next Meeting:


The team will meet on Monday, June 24, 2002 at 10:30 in 003 Hullihen.