UDFS – Communication/Training Team Minutes

May 13, 2002

In attendance: Paul Anderson, Peggy Bottorff, Chris Cook, Margie Cox, Steve Grasson, Lisa Huber, Sue Koski, Scott Jones, Dave McCarren, Tim Miller, Eileen Prazniak, Ruth Tauber, Bill Fitzpatrick, Ginger Knutsen, Chris Murphy

Absent: Anna Bloch

TASKS ASSIGNED: Three remaining abstracts were assigned to members. These will be completed and reported on for the next meeting, scheduled for May 29, 2002.


Peggy Bottorff shared the account code crosswalk tool being developed. The url is https://www.mis4.udel.edu/chartaccts/. Peggy asked that the group play around with this and provide feedback to her. One comment was sited and Peggy will be forward the issue that "what you need to know now" seems smaller than "what you need to know THEN", and this should be more clearly articulated to the user of the url.

The committee reviewed the Abstracts from the HEUG training module from the most recent HEUG conference. Peggy will highlight the ‘nuggets’ of wisdom, so it will be easier to retrieve down the road. Some of the items brought forth in these reviews include:

    1. Establishing/defining the relationship between this team and IT/User Services—it was decided that once the tools are identified, this should become more apparent.
    2. Need to focus on peer-to-peer training for familiarity and validity of message.
    3. Need to maintain a similar look and feel for all training materials—use User Services and Media Services to ensure this.
    4. Use REAL/secured data rather than ‘dummy data’ for training sessions.
    5. Use of "Delta Guides" to show the difference between what you DID and what you DO with PS.
Peggy mentioned one benefit of People Soft that was raised at a meeting she recently attended regarding the potential elimination of shadow systems.

Tim Miller shared the 2 remaining EZ forms with us and explained how they relate to the General Ledger. We need to keep these and all EZ forms in mind when preparing for the Delta Guide.

We discussed the initial needs assessment tool which will be issued to Data Warehouse users. Peggy will make some of the suggested changes and re-send the updated version to the group. Chris Murphy will forward this to Evelyn Stevens who conducts the current DW training for User Services. There will be a cover memo to those surveyed noting that this is just to assess their DW needs so that we can work toward a smooth transition when implementing PS. No promises will be made with regard to retaining the warehouse/fields. Peggy will add the following sections to the survey:

Part 3: What other tables do you utilize?

Part 4: How do you use the output? Just MSAccess, or analyze with excel, or MS Query? Other ODBC compatible software?

Part 5: Comments

We will work on the ‘larger’ needs assessment beginning next session.