PS Financials Communication/Training

Core Team Meeting

April 28, 2003; 10:30-12:20 p.m.

Hullihen Board Room




Present:  Peggy Bottorff, Paul Anderson, Michelle Broadway, Christine Cook, Al Fanjoy, Bill Fitzpatrick, Steve Grasson, Lisa Huber, Ginger Knutsen, Ellen Lepine, Tim Miller, Chris Murphy, Eileen Prazniak, Dee Smith, Linda Somers, Amy Taylor



Peggy reminded Team to supply the name and unix sign- on name for up to one additional person  for early LAM training, to be supplied to Rick McCaulley so that accounts can be set up

It was decided that each team member would supply Al Fanjoy with a list of areas which they represent.  This would be added as an additional column in the contact page in the help section of




Training Plan Status Update

Comment about log-on problems on Friday morning.  (System was also down Friday afternoon).

Working on tables.  To get together this week.  Al pointed out information on some tables is available at  -- click on Data Dictionary on left.

Linda volunteered to test the existing LAM documentation.  Still no volunteer on writing up how to encumber so Peggy will do it.



Basic Training



Path Forward:

New JV’s should be ready by mid-June but not needed until July.   Old jv forms to be used for 02-03, new ones for 03-04













Submitted by Steve Grasson