PS Financials Communication and Training Team Meeting

April 14, 2003; 10:30-12:00 noon  COLBURN 046


In attendance:  Paul Anderson, Peggy Bottorff, Chris Cook, Al Fanjoy, Steve Grasson, Ginger Knutsen, Lisa Huber, Ellen Lepine, Dave McCarren, Tim Miller, Chris Murphy, Eileen Prazniak, Dee Smith, Linda Somers, Amy Taylor

Next Meeting:  April 21, 10:30-12:00 Hullihen 130 Board Room

Minutes next time: Dave McCarren  


Training Plan Status Update


Query class: feedback from training was given in email messages from Dee and Chris C.


Trees Class subgroup report: Chris Cook said that they are meeting again this week. Tim and Chris working on separate parts. Will probably not do much more than from Peoplesoft. Chris doesn’t see using the tree record from level 2.  Amy and Ellen wrote report in Crystal based on a query with help from consultant Michael Downey that used tree-related records to group data – it was complicated but may have value for query writers. Until ready to write exercises, Amy said it was good exercise on how information is being organized across system. Ellen had to ask Marsha to change organization to use right level.  Trees subteam will see results that Amy and Ellen got from what Michael gave them. Cheryl Morris worked on this too.


Know thy Data subgroup report:  Ellen Lepine said they are meeting today. Delivery will be a web resource that can be a repository of information. Will have glossary already started by Al, also will have data dictionary with 10-30 tables that people would most use

Report team made crosswalk query for account code and object code.

Chart of Accounts information listings are outdated.  Comm Team meeting the 1st week in May will be used to revise readiness training.


Basic Training Plan: Peggy updated plan as we brainstormed in meeting today.


Basic Training Audience:  Routine user, all below Tier 1 and below, those who currently use statements and GA Query


Top down support is critical - administrators need to make sure tier 1 and others are accountable for learning how to do job in new way.


Marketing - Need course list and a UDaily entry pointing to it as a reminder. Dave will take on this job. Coming soon. Reference to Comm team representative URL.


UDFS/info web site: Al will change Training Schedule to Course List. on web INFO

Format Issues & concerns-  Dee suggested having a large group on basic training with real general information to make sure everyone knows and no one missed.


Basic Training Content: 

Overview of all topics in Basic Training, Crosswalk Inquiry, JVs. 

Queries will be written based on two tables which will be created before we can begin.  How to look up balances and transaction, how to translate, etc.

How to access statements to print, still process of being worked out.

How to enter and view JVs.

Understand concept of trees, what department tree looks like.

Review of Chartfields

Here is the place to look on the web to for the glossary

Here’s how you use the data dictionary

Is there going to be a process change or how the security works for most people?

What, if anything, do we need to show about JVs?

Will be a web form for budget office change requisites.

Replacement of the GA statements

How to export public query to Excel

System requirements –  Browser Netscape 7.0, Internet Explorer 6

   Problem with Windows NT, OK with 2000

Query quirks – only 300 displays, rerun query to see

How to use query viewer

What won’t change – do old way – Cash Transmittal

Procurement training will be offered by Procurement

Function of financial side of Grants


Note: Legacy system - Departmental Accounting functionality, After GA runs, goes over to DA. If you put in an obligation, some automatically de-obligates.



For future meetings: