PeopleSoft Financials Communication and Training Committee




Paul Anderson, Amy Taylor, Chris Cook, Dave McCarren, Linda Somers, Ellen Lepine, Chris Murphy, Eileen Prazniak, Steve Grasson, Al Fanjoy, Michelle Broadway, Bill Fitzpatrick, Peggy Bottorff, Tim Miller



Minutes:  Chris Murphy - next time, then Dave McCarren



Still need training plan from some members


Exec update:

LAM issues:  Peggy has given feedback to Crestone.  LAM not available until RPT instance is available (possibly 6 wks).  Will be initially populated based on current codes breakout.  Will need to be reallocated by units.  By mid-May should be ready for use (perhaps later).  Reporting issues have been given to consultants.


For obligations:  could have one or two instances of process (personnel in LAM vs. all else in “EWE” or “Piglet”). Don't need to be separate due to coding structure of data.  Can live with one or two.


LAM training - we will need to do but can't do much until LAM is more stable, record names established, etc.


Suggested that Report Team develop reports for standard use on LAM data for account distributions, etc.  In the meantime, develop list of who will need training, shoot for late May, early June. 


Readiness:  Chris needs another session and will try to group with others who are still doing sessions.  We will do a 'final' revision to presentation (first Monday in May it will be on the agenda).  Need to add that digits 5/6 of Purpose correspond to fund type.


Temp budget revisions will be available via a web form, perm changes via your budget contact.


Query Class: offer feedback on training packet as you use it. 


Trees Team:  met last Friday w/ Michael Downey.  Think two levels of trainees: super users and query users.  1 course for access/use of trees for query writers and 1 for how to build/maintain trees for super users who will both use and maintain them.  Would likely do training after rollout so users can learn to use query first.  SU class before go-live w/ group training first to build, maintain, use in query/iNvision/Crystal (whatever) during May/June.  Hands on, small group.  Have divided training between Tim and Chris.  Incorporate query user training as part of a Query Booster Shot class post-implementation. 


Know Thy Data:  not a class exactly, but a Web resource and course will be showing users how to use this resource. 


Getting Started - for GA's ongoing use, basic UD accounting info and structure of codes.


Chart Fields - conventions, roadmap


Glossary - new terms to learn, links to legacy data values, will grow with time.  Primary resource for query writers.  Send input for items to Ellen or Al to add to list.  Dee is doing glossery, send input to her.


Record/Field layout of fields that UD will be using. 


Reviewed some of the info Al has created (great start!) and Al welcomes any input.



Discussion on how to identify fed flow through funds in PS, currently captured as a value of 3 in report type field in GA-Attributes in Warehouse.


Grants System –question arose about who will be doing training (Comm Team or OVPR).  The consensus is that Comm Team should continue and work in concert with the Grants Team.


Basic Training:  Availability end of April for first part.  Large groups, users leave with url's and how to use web tools.  Suggestion is that we do public sessions for basic to make sure no one gets missed.  Chris pointed out that there will be some college specific processes that will need to be covered.


Will often/regularly have items on UDaily when it makes sense to do so.


Next time:  Updates on Know thy data, LAM.  Spend more time on basic training.