UDFS – Communication/Training Team Minutes

April 10, 2002

In attendance: Paul Anderson, Anna Bloch, Peggy Bottorff, Chris Cook, Margie Cox, Steve Grasson, Lisa Huber, Sue Koski, Scott Jones, Dave McCarren, Tim Miller, Eileen Prazniak, Ruth Tauber

Absent: Bill Fitzpatrick, Ginger Knutsen, Chris Murphy



Those present each were assigned one or two training presentations from the HEUG website. Each person will download and write a brief abstract of the presentation to share at the April 29 or May 13 meeting.



Each team member received a directory sheet, which includes their PeopleSoft customer connection login name and password. Team saw how to log in to PS customer connection (and change their password).

General discussion of scope of committee and important first steps, which fall into three general categories:

There was agreement that we should:

Eileen Prazniak distributed an outline of the training program used by West Chester University (she was involved in their PS Financials implementation).

Agreed that next two meetings will be spent: