March 31, 2003


In attendance: Paul Anderson, Peggy Bottorff, Michelle Broadway, Chris Cook, Al Fanjoy, Bill Fitzpatrick, Steve Grasson, Ginger Knutsen, Lisa Huber, Ellen Lepine, Dave McCarren, Tim Miller, Chris Murphy, Eileen Prazniak, Dee Smith, Linda Somers, Amy Taylor


Next Meeting: April 7, 046 Colburn

Minutes Next Time: Tim Miller



Chris Cook updated the group on the progress of the subgroup working on the Trees Class.


Peggy asked that everyone send her an update on their progress on Readiness Training and their plans for Query Training so that she can share the information in her meetings.


Discussion followed about the various ways people are handling the training sessions. Individual units will decide exactly who will be trained in the Query classes. Some will train all those who are interested, while others will only train Tier One people and perhaps offer the Query Training again in the fall.


Ellen provided a Know Thy Data update. The subgroup working on this area of training will be covering the information available in tables and basic queries, and the location of valuable reference materials.


John Adcock (consultant) presented information about UD labor allocations both obligations and queries. He explained the tables involved in the LAM processes. LAM obligations will be disencumbered by the payroll process. Other obligations will not be automatically disencumbered, but will have to be done manually.