March 10, 2003


In attendance: Paul Anderson, Anna Bloch, Peggy Bottorff, Chris Cook, Al Fanjoy, Bill Fitzpatrick, Steve Grasson, Ginger Knutsen, Lisa Huber, Ellen Lepine, Dave McCarren, Tim Miller, Chris Murphy, Eileen Prazniak, Dee Smith, Linda Somers, Amy Taylor


Absent: Michelle Broadway



Next Meeting: March 17, 2003

Minutes Next Time: Eileen Prazniak


Training Database and Crosswalk

Chris Cook inquired whether a reverse crosswalk would be available to convert PS codes to legacy. No answer as yet.


PS expense accounts will be changed from alpha/numeric to numeric only.


Query class will be conducted for Comm committee members at the next regular meeting scheduled for 9:00 in 046 Colburn Lab. Peggy has a draft and is writing exercises to be offered for training.


Data Availability and Subgroup Reports

Data Availability need to understand how to access PS data and link to personal tables via ACCESS or MSQUERY. At this time there is no plan.


Know Thy Data group will be adding a GA person. Rick McCaulley assigned as the PS consultant to the subgroup.


Trees Class - A PS consultant is yet to be assigned.


LAM Course

Questions were raised:

Will we be able to query on LAM distributions?

Will there be maintenance report generated?

Will we have regular notification of LAM extracts, a LAM deadline?


Instructions need to be re-written. Suggestions were made to incorporate EMPLID verification and to pre-populate LAM distributions into the LAM.


Next Meeting

March 17, 2003, 9:00 in 046 Colburn Lab