February 24, 2003


In attendance:  Paul Anderson, Peggy Bottorff, Chris Cook, Steve Grasson, Ginger Knutsen, Lisa Huber, Ellen Lepine, Dave McCarren, Tim Miller, Chris Murphy, Dee Smith, Bill Fitzpatrick, Michelle Broadway, Linda Somers, Al Fanjoy and Amy Taylor


Absent:  Eileen Prazniak and Anna Bloch



·        Chris Cook will form a sub-group to put together Trees Training Class

·        Ellen Lepine will form a sub-group to put together Know Thy Data Training Class

·        Chris Murphy will talk to Evelyn Stevens who offers an SQL class through Cont. Ed to find out the class content (syllabus and materials).




     Next Meeting:  March 3, 2003

     Minutes next time:  Bill Fitzpatrick

     Minutes this time: Ellen Lepine




1.      We looked at the Training database to see if the data is ok.  Peggy mentioned that the team should understand that there is very little in there to begin with.


2.      Peggy sent out FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) that she has been collecting.  Al Fanjoy has already incorporated then into the Comm. Team’s website. 


3.      Peggy reiterated the new information/decision about the data warehouse. The Purpose chartfield with not be added to the existing DW, but all the DW data going back to July 1996 will be out into the PS application with the Purpose CF being included


4.      Listserv “udfs-tips” – Peggy and Al demo’d how to subscribe to it.  We looked at the archive feature and the FAQ section.


5.      Training database (FITRN) –

·        Peggy explained how Rick was working on the data.  It is easy to remove data, but difficult to add data back in.  Peggy first tried to show FIDEV (but system was down), so we looked at the info in an Excel spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet data was from the Actuals ledger, she didn’t do the same for the Budget (Ledger Budg).  We looked at individual departments.  Some Revenues turned out to be beginning balances.  Peggy was concerned that salary data is there that shouldn’t be and other data is missing – she’ll check with Rick even thought it looks like bogus data. 

·        We revisited the original idea of adding the data we want rather than deleting data.  It would be good to get the data from additional months as they are brought into FIDEV, the data could be scrubbed and taken into FITRN.  Peggy will discuss all this with Rick.

·        Peggy may ask the team members to translate their own accounts from legacy system into PS Purpose after she talks to Rick since this is very time consuming for her to do by herself.

·        Peggy also stressed that people are welcome to submit new data that could be included and that the likely path forward will be to list the data we want in rather than what we want excluded.


6.      Concerns were raised about the availability of PSoft since it was down all morning.


7.      We next looked at the Training Plan

Readiness Training


Know Thy Data

SQL Class

Trees Training Class


·        Peggy suggested and the group agreed that the whole Comm. Team would do the training for the Labor Allocation Module. 

1.      Carol Rylee drafted a document that explains the LAM pages that John Adcock developed; Peggy will send it to the team and asks that everyone read it for our next meeting. 

2.      We had a discussion about how many people need LAM training; some colleges have many and some have very few. 

3.      Security concerns were brought up.  One was whether the LAM entries need approval (answer: no, there are no salary amounts, only percentages)

4.      Chris Cook mentioned that Engineering’s Shreck system could be eliminated if there were multiple user fields.   She also said a retro-active feature is needed.

5.      Peggy mentioned the hope that a user maintained salary encumbrance feature will be included in the LAM since it is in the development stage though no promised for the go-live date of 7/1/03.



     Next Meeting: We’ll discuss LAM training