UDFS Communications/Training Team Minutes

January 23, 2003


In Attendance: Amy Taylor, Tim Miller, Chris Murphy, Chris Cook, Dee Smith, Michelle Broadway, Ellen Lepine, Lisa Huber, Paul Anderson, Ginger Knutsen, Linda Somers, Al Fanjoy, Peggy Bottorff, Bill Fitzpatrick.


Guests: Rick McCaulley, Crestone Consultant; Tabitha Groh, Continuing Education


Minutes this Time: Dee Smith

Minutes Next Time: Amy Taylor


Public Relations: Peggy gave a briefing on her meeting with Mary Hempel, Public Relations.  There will be an article about the Communications Team Training in the next Update to be published the week of February 10, 2003.  An editor will be present at our 2/3/03 Pilot Group presentation of the Readiness Training Course.  Mary thought that a mention on UDaily and “Need to Know” were appropriate.


Connection Issues:  Rick McCaulley reported that a patch was installed in the software that has helped the response problems in most areas but won’t help those in Hullihen because there are network issues in the building.


Report Team Update:  Peggy reported that the Report Team has a rough draft of a query class. At some point the Comm Team will test drive the class.


Readiness Training:  Tabitha, Amy, and Dave worked to polish our power point presentation for the Readiness course.  The group then proceeded to go through the slides to make comments and changes.  Some major suggestions were:



Tabitha, Amy and Dave will work to make all changes to slides but will not have them ready for our Monday 1/27 meeting.  They will have them done by midweek and send out presentation to all via email so that everyone can review and make comments.  These will be collected and incorporated into the presentation by them.  Dave will be holding a special session to work on the notes (date & time to be announced). Anyone available to help is welcome.


Next Meeting we will concentrate on the Training Plan since the Readiness training presentation won’t be finished.


Training Plan:  Peggy met with Leila Lyons, User Services to discuss our training plan.  Peggy sent a revised copy of the Training Plan after her meeting with Leila.  The group began to review the Training plan.  It was agreed that we time needs to be spent addressing each of the courses that we plan to offer.  It has been suggested that we need to coordinate with User Services for joint training with Tier ones or Comm Team members.  Peggy asked that everyone review the Training Plan to see what resources we are going to need in order to provide the training courses.  She asked that we make a list of questions pertaining to the training plan.


Next Meeting: Monday, January 27 - Everyone is to bring the name of the employee they have selected as their representative at the Focus group presentation of the Readiness Training on 2/3/03.