UDFS – Communication/Training Team Minutes


January 13, 2003


In attendance:  Michelle Broadway, Chris Cook, Al Fanjoy, Bill Fitzpatrick, Steve Grasson, Lisa Huber, Ginger Knutsen, Ellen Lepine, Dave McCarren, Tim Miller, Chris Murphy, Dee Smith, Linda Somers.


Minutes this time: Linda Somers

Minutes next time: Dee Smith



Next Meeting:  Thursday, January 23.  2:00 pm – 3:30 pm, Board Room


Results of Training Plan Mtg w/ Rick


Ellen told team that training plan was well received. The meeting participants estimated the number of the basic tier users to be appx. 200, the query users appx 60-100 and the super users appx. 20.  We need to consider how to fit Executive Officers and Deans in the training plan.


Readiness training is scheduled for February 3 – middle of March. Tory’s group will do training on web forms that relate to Procurement.  Training on G/L and AP/PO forms is planned for April with report training from May to go-live.  NVision users and other high-end users will receive outside training.


Team members expressed some concern about training for users coinciding with BTA and graduation activities.  It is not likely the training can be done any earlier.  A follow-up meeting with Rick will be scheduled.


Readiness Course


We reviewed the entire slide presentation with each group describing their section.  Bill Fitzpatrick offered the assistance of Tabitha Groh to refine the formatting of the presentation.  We decided to review the slides again noting the changes and issues that need to be resolved. (Changes and Issues listed below)  Amy Taylor will work with Tabitha to edit the presentation.  The team decided that each member will bring one other person with them to the February 3 meeting for the presentation preview. We need to decide who will be the presenter.  We discussed providing a handout with key points or data such as the timeline, the web address to print out the presentation, etc. 







Readiness Training Presentation Issues


Slide 1,2,3:  add learning objectives

Slide 4,-8:  Consolidate words

Slide 4: corrections in number of years (done).

Slide 7:  In notes, change reporting instance to 24 hour delay just as we have now.

Slide 9:  Transition with objective number 2.

Slide 10:  O.K.

Slide 11:  turn into a timeline graphic and use detail on slide as the notes.  Include some introduction of the timeline chart on the screen.

Slide 12: incorporate into timeline graphic

Slide 13, 14:  O.K.

Slide 15:  Take out go-live

Slide 16:  tie this into time line graphic

Slide 17:  transition to next section.

Slide 18: Could switch to web but need to maintain static slides as well.  Presentation needs to stand alone without switching to web.

Slide 20:  Look for different screen shot (instead of JV example)

Slide 22:  NEED a personalized screen shot.

Slide 23:  make sure screen shots can be seen given size of room.

Slide 28:  note: no longer need Adobe Acrobat to view peoplebooks (not necessary to mention in presentation)

Slide 31, 32, 33:   NEED resolution of JV input form (UD webform or PS form)

Slide 34 - Is this true?

Slide 35 -  NEED to decide what we mean by “web view”

Slide 36 – Need pre-written report from Rick.

Slide 37 – add a reminder that there will be separate classes for Query training.  This is just a quick screen shot.

Slide 38 – O.K.

Slide 39 – take example section out.

Slide 40 – O.K.

Slide 41 – delete this slide.

Slide 42 – add transition/learning objective slide

Slide 43 – include one of Roby’s slides that shows side by side comparison of old vs. new.

Slide 44  & 45 – put bottom bullet at the top.  (show legacy equivalent first)

Slide 47 – remove “ps” in front of chartfield. (done)

Slide 48 - NEED correct link.

Slide 51 -  add  screen scrape of cross walk.

Slide 53 – add labels and dates to graph.  Put phases in order.

Slide 54 – make timeline graphic.

Slide 55 – take out 4th bullet (done)

Slide 56 – reword second bullet (change color)

Slide 57 – make graphic

Slide 59 – just website information.   Leave out browser information.