Must there be a complete set of PS chartfields for each UD account code/title?

1. All chartfields are not required. Depending on account type, two or more may be needed. 2. We will not be duplicating all existing accounts to PS chartfield strings. (Speedtypes will help in "filling in" the chartfields where it is deemed important.) Deleted and redesignated accounts (older than one year) will not be converted initially. History will at least initially be maintained in the old data warehouse.

How do we identify the following for assets and liabilities?





At this time, when a PS Account of Asset or Liability is used, we will associate a PS Fund, although PS doesn’t require it. At this time setup will not balance by fund. The other chartfields are not required, and may not be necessary to use at all, although they may be used under certain circumstances.

How do we identify UD fund groups for assets and liabilities?

The existing chartfield values should be sufficient to associate the Assets & Liabilities with its appropriate fund. In general the identification will follow the existing trial balance from which you are converting.

How do we identify UD title for assets and liabilities?

Title is identified by description – see answer 2 boxes above.

Current definition for position 2 in PS ACCOUNT does not include all existing trial balance categories as defined by central table 79196.

The new categories follow FASB and item 8 under assets (buildings and equipment) was inadvertently omitted. The categories are designed to provide (tree leaf) ranges which roll up and that should allow trial balances & balance sheets to take advantage of tree reporting.

Where are interdepartmental charges going to be handled – what do we use for PS ACCOUNT chartfield?

We will not be duplicating the existing 4xx, 8xx model. We may need a PS account to reflect the credit side in the department providing the services/supplies. UD service departments can combine their credits and income using trees so they can have a P & L statement.

How do we identify the PS program chartfield for 85,86, and 96 reserve functions?

New Program code is being established. (rsrvs).

How will transfers and allocations be handled?

Until further understanding of closing rules is achieved, a PS ACCOUNT with "F" attribute will be tested.

How do we identify the PS program chartfield for 8 and 9-book?

Can we set up the 9-book accounts as a liability? Can we use Asset PS account type with a PS Department in the basic operating fund? We will set up a capital PS Program value (CAPTL). Potential chartfield comboedits on PS Account for building and equipment against Non op funds must have a program code called capital. Will denote source of funds for 8-book through PS account and through Projects.

How will we reflect equipment purchases to accommodate FASB and budget’s need to reflect the use of dollars in the current year?

Department association ties to budget and PS Account ties to FASB. It is our intention to test this theory. (Charge the department with a PS Account type Asset.)

Using the Proposed Acronym for Departments developed by Linda Somers, budget units for the 8-book do not translate to PS department chartfield. How do we identify PS departments for 8-books.

See already existing list – will be included as specific PS departments.

How do we identify PS project for the 8-books?

See already existing list – will be included as specific PS project.

How do we address UD object code 000?

See already existing list – PS Account 999000 and perhaps others to accommodate our balance sheet. This concept needs testing through the closing process. These entries will occur in Period 0 in each Fiscal year. Can run iterative process to show beginning balance in next year at multiple periods related to the previous year closings.

Are we on the right track in determining rev and exp in the account chartfield for the fund balance accounts as in the following examples? F070 F498 Should it be F1290 or F2901?

Skip per Ben.

How do we identify UD fund types within operating and non-operating? How do you tell an allocated account from a state appropriation?

University fund-types are basically source and sponsor information. Most consultants we have encountered suggest that the chartfields should not have logic, or at least complicated logic. The use of trees allows for the accumulation of types of accounts with greater flexibility than any coding we might invent. No effort has been made to duplicate the existing fund-type within the Chart logic. Within the opbal (PS Fund), sight recognition of fund accounts by fund type is rarely necessary, albeit helpful. Several possible solutions exist beyone trees. 1) Both the long and short titles associated with the accounts can be descriptive 2) For those items requiring special scrutiny(e.g. Federal Approp, State Approps) it might be possible to add an agency acronym to the accounts a la the contract and grant logic noted under the naming standards in the Chart document. 3) Sight recognition of endowment income accounts is already provided for in the logic. 4) Project field could be used for opbal accounts, although this is not required under our logic. For non operating endowment , "x", "y" & "z" have been reserved for endowment type accounts. We could add to that logic that x will be pooled funds (current 6 book), that y would be separately invested funds, and that z would be life income. The goal should be to rely on tools such as trees and reports more than code logic. Experience shows that logic becomes corrupted over time as conditions change, and is undoubtedly why consultants recommend random code assignments rather than logic. Our decision to use logic is more aimed at the ability to use ranges in tree development and to have drop down boxes be easier to use, than to have sight recognition of code types. Pending issue: How can we accommodate IPEDS?

How do we identify PS program for Revenue accounts

We assume this question applies to opbas and opss. The current use of source and object is a duplication. The PS Chart design purposely does not intend to carry the duplication forward. Therefore, no other PS chartfield values will be associated with PS Revenue accounts. Other chartfield values (such as Dept) may be assigned. However, remember that in PS, the only required value is PS account, and that may be all we use for some University-wide revenues.

For UD Function 75, we would like to consider adding a fringe benefit category for the PS program chartfield

We believe that PS account summaries will produce equivalent information. One possibility is that PS Accounts associated with Benefits will carry no program code, thus allowing for further ease of reporting. Set up a PS account in each benefit type (health care, etc) just for the distribution of costs functionally at year-end. We may want to consider not requiring all chartfields for benefits expenses and spread. We will look at PS program or PS Department and PS account as one possibility.

In the PS Department chartfield for endowment principal, we continued to use the department rubric in addition to the title for positions 2 through 5(x,y, or z would still be in the first position). XFAIDDAD vs XDAD

Lack of space within 10 digits may be problematic. Primary need for information on principal seems to be by endowment name, not by the department that benefits. Can consider setting up a tree that categorizes the principal accounts by department.

What is the significance of having three choices (x,y, and z) for endowment department chartfields?

See number 14 above for possible other info. Maybe could also used x1, x2, x3, y1, y2, y3. How to sort temp and perm restricted endowment? Sep invested, held in trust and life income? Maybe numbers after x,y or z will assist in this categorization, along with the wise use of trees. (IOP, TRP in tree, since it may change anytime). Ben and Roby will need to decide how this will be done.

Should long and short descriptions be included in our sample?


Accounts 1-9-91-0000-00-100 and 1-9-92-0000-00-100 report current unrestricted rev and exp in UD general ledger. What do we do with these types of accounts?

This will be a calculated on-the-fly reported summary. We believe PeopleSoft allows for an automatic balancing and we will explore those options.

How will expenditure information for state gen appropr for operations be gathered?

We will consider one PS account per person which will be reflected in a tree. Carol will consider what this means to budgeting. We will also consider what that means for budgeting and maybe we will have to have just a PS account just for position. But the goal will be the have a PS account for each person.