UDFS AR/Billing Team


1st Events Meeting-12/06/01


In Attendance:  Angela Beecham

                          Amy Connell

                          Rose Gaasbeck (for Bill Spear)

                          Jim Green

                          Katie Hutton

                          Ellen Lepine

                          Rachel Strickland

                          Lynda Ruggerio

                          Amy Taylor


Lynda Ruggerio was the guest at our meeting to discuss our first team task, Identifying Events.  She explained what an Event is and gave us examples of good Event Lists from other groups.  She also left with the team the overview model book with flow charts and the big picture of how People Soft processes actually work.  After Linda left the meeting the team continued to discuss ideas for the Events List. 


The Team members who represent departments that are outside users of billing will be composing lists of their events/processes that are dependant upon miscellaneous billing, and any processes that should be part of miscellaneous billing.  Angela, Amy, Rachel and Jim will be making separate lists of the events/processes from their central perspective.


Team members will be making lists of events and reading the PS process manual with an expectation of identifying any events we have that do not seem to be addressed in People Soft. Further discussion will take place at the next meeting on December 20 that will be held in the Student Services Building Conference Room from 8:30 until 10:00 am.