UDFS- AR Billing Team Minutes


December 20,2001


In attendance:


Angie Beecham, Amy Connell, Amy Taylor, Rachel Strickland, Bill Fitzpatrick, Jim Green, Katie Hutton, Ellen Lepine.






1. Angie and Rachel will meet to review the OVPR billing system

2. Team members are to review the PeopleSoft planning book for A/R and Billing. Some copies were distributed, and books are available in 003 Hullihen


ISSUES: To the Executive Team:






I.                    Executive Committee Update   



II.                 Review of Event List for A/R and Billing:


The team discussed the events lists provided by Katie (College of Ag. Miscellaneous billing), Rachel (OVPR billing) and Angie (General Miscellaneous Billing).  Discussion was centered on understanding existing process, both manual and electronic, and the identification of potential problem areas or specific questions on how PS will address existing procedures and processes.

a.      How will review and approval of electronic forms be handled before entry into PS?

b.      OVPR doesn’t book receivables into the financial system until the cash is received while other miscellaneous billing is booked immediately with the electronic FFAR form. How will PS integrate OVPR billing?

c.      Departments generate individual contracts that are not monitored centrally at this time. How will PS improve this process?

d.      Departments are assigned a range of SIS numbers for miscellaneous billing purposes in order to distinguish different invoices from separate UD units to the same customer.  How will PS change this process?

e.      Current entries from A/R are summarized and totaled before extraction to the current financial system.  How will PS provide access (drill down capability) to the detail requested by the units?  

f.        Extended discussion of Issue #33 already on Project Issues Table: compatibility of the existing cashiering system interface and processes using the paper cash transmittal

g.      How will departments handle manual (small) cash deposits? How will the paper form be redesigned to accommodate the code conversions?

h.      How to interface the existing cashiering system with the existing SIS system AND with PeopleSoft financials?

i.        How will auto-numbering of billing accounts effect the existing process of account number range assignments for individual UD units? How will PS distinguish separate UD units to the same external customer?

j.        Scope of A/R Team mission  --  Do we recreate what we have, or redesign policies, procedures and process to fit the PeopleSoft model?