Attending:  Angela Beecham, Cecilia Kerlin, Vanessa Peoples, Suzanne Sembiante, Amy Taylor and Andrew Viehman (from Crestone and will only be with us for next two weeks)


While using DEMO with Andrew present, we asked him the following questions:

 1.  What is the difference between a Bill and an Invoice in PeopleSoft? 

 2.  What aging options are available using PeopleSoft?

 3.  Does everything being billed (services, items, etc.) need to be associated with

      a Product Code?

 4.  Will aging reports identify each department’s charges billed and/or


 5.  Will different Billing Offices have to be created, such as Research/Grants Office, due

       to their billing expectations being so different from other offices on-campus?

 6.  Which departments, other than Grants, might benefit from using Budget  


 7.  Does A/R or Billing create Accounting Entries?

 8.  Can a Billing Specialist be a Billing Authority and vice versa?

 9. Where do “Notes” print-out on various documents, and can these notes be

       changed according to our needs?         

10. Can bills print-out with scan-lines.  If so, will IT’s help be needed to meet   

       other specifications or requirements when using them?

11. How will bills be sorted in order to pull exceptions easily, saving time?

12. Will “Charge Codes” have the flexibility to charge different amounts and  

       customers by unit or location?

13. Can the “Description Line” be set-up as free-form, making it as large as 



The team’s plan for upcoming meetings is to use sample bills from various departments in order to set-up Core PeopleSoft Billing Tables and refer to PeopleBooks for additional info regarding Table set-up.   

On 12/12/02 we will meet with Rick McCauley in 003 Hullihan at 9 a.m.