Attended:     Angela Beecham, Jim Green, Katy Hutton, Cecilia Kerlin, Ellen Lepine, Vanessa Peoples, Suzanne Sembiante, Bill Spear, Rachel Strickland, Raja Surampudy and Amy Taylor.



Agenda:       Due to email received prior to the meeting, we could not

                   access PeopleSoft  online during the meeting today.


Ellen said our consultants for the 1st Phase are in-place as follows:

1.                 Rick McCauley – Project Mgr.

2.                 John Adcock     -  Technical Assistance

3.                 Michael Downy -  Accounts Payable/Purchasing


Vanessa and Cecilia sent emails to all departments who had requested Miscellaneous Account Codes, but were not using them.  They reported their findings with regard to responses received from these departments.


                   Vanessa brought the miscellaneous charge workflow to the

Meeting.  This included samples of SIS Screens, forms and reports, which reflect how Miscellaneous Account charges and payments flow through the system.


We discussed changing our meeting time from 8:30 a.m. on

Thursdays to 9 a.m.  It was agreed upon.


Amy Taylor talked about the live Webcast she recently

attended, entitled “Intro to Financials 8.4”.  She was very

pleased with how well technical questions were

answered and excited because their host

showed them how to set-up Webpages, select

Favorites and use quick tools for easier navigation.  He

also explained some of PeopleSoft’s terminology, screens,

reports and flowcharts.


Amy also talked about visiting University of Texas’

website and speaking with their director, Steve Ball.

She was impressed with their site and said it was

written from an average user’s perspective.

Steve Ball indicated to Amy he would be happy to share info with team members from the University of Delaware, regarding

PeopleSoft, and invites us to call.