A/R PeopleSoft Team Meeting of 09/16/02


Attending: Angela Beecham, James Green, Ellen Lepine, Vanessa Peoples, Suzanne Sembiante, Bill Spear, Rachel Strickland, Raja Surampudy and Amy Taylor.



Agenda: Ellen discussed the fact that interviews with prospective consultants went well.


We discussed the Miscellaneous Account Numbers requested by some departments and currently not being used. These departments will be contacted prior to our next meeting and Vanessa will report her findings.


Rachel brought samples of the bills she uses in Contracts and Grants.

She reviewed, with the team, ways she bills private industry as opposed

to government agencies. She described how she assigns manual numbers to these bills, the timing elements involved, and how the receivables are booked.


We discussed future meeting times and changed our meetings from

every Thursday and Monday to every other Thursday and Monday.

It was noted, however, that these times may be changing in the near

future to accommodate the consultants schedules.