A/R Billing Team Meeting 6/6/02


Entire team in attendance


Angie Beecham & Raja Rao will attend A/R Billing training the week of Aug 5th.

All team member, except Rachel Strickland, will be able to attend the People Soft Intro web cast on  July 1.


The team discussed the first 7 (through Define ChartFields) Global Application Tables as they relate to Setting up PeopleSoft Receivables.


Questions which came up were :


Will we have a use for subcustomer?

What is an entry event?

Can we effect a monthly aging schedule by making “billing date” the last day of the month in which the transaction is charged?

Will we be able to use statement # and dunning for a more efficient collection system?

We would like to explore auto write-off capabilities for bills under $2.

What can we set up to make data entry easier?



Ellen Lepine will discuss set up of global tables with Roby and Carol.

Team will quickly look through remaining 7 Global Application Tables and bring any comments to meeting on Thursday,  June 20th.  At June 20th meeting we will begin looking at and discussing Core PS Receivables Tables.