UDFS- AR Billing Team Minutes


January 17, 2002


In attendance:


Angie Beecham, Amy Connell, Amy Taylor, Rachel Strickland, Bill Fitzpatrick, Jim Green, Katie Hutton, Bill Spear



  1. We will start meeting in 003 HH and try to “touch” the system more and see how

it operates.



  1. Rachel will review the list of online classes available for viewing. 
  2. Team members are to review the PeopleSoft flow charts for A/R and Billing to see how current business practices will fit in with the PeopleSoft scheme.



  1. Printing an invoice with an OCR scan line to avoid manual processing of

payments.  We have already discovered that PS has lockbox capabilities but have

not found out the capabilities of OCR processing.

  1. Will we be able to keep the misc billing going through SIS until old bills are paid and gradually bring departments around on PS Billing?  Since SIS will still be running and interfacing with G/L, perhaps unpaid misc billing can stay there until the old bills are paid.
  2. The possibility of having a front-end screen to convert old UD account codes to new PS department field.
  3. Need to see reporting capabilities – will PS Billing automatically create the DR/CR entry and if so, what kind of reports will be available to check the receivable.  We will know more once the Billing and A/R modules are set-up and functional.




 NEXT MEETING: 1/31/02 in 003HH.