OVPR Billing Events List

Departments charge individual grant accounts

Billing report requested from computing center after month end close (this process takes the charges from General Accounting and puts them in SPAR)

Report reviewed for billable items

Data entry of billable items

Print, sign, mail bills

OVPR Letter of Credit (alternate billing type) Events (done 2 times per month)

Run reports from Super Natural on LOC agencies

Analyze reports for proper amounts to drawdown

Draw funds from Federal sponsors who use LOC

Create journal vouchers to distribute funds

OVPR Special Billing

Email notification received when account is established with notification that a bill must be sent asap.

Create bill in Excel

Print, sign, mail, enter into AR system.

OVPR Accounts Receivable Events List

Run invoice listing for OVPR outstanding bills

Run revenue report from Access

Post payments

Call sponsors if outstanding bills are past-due