Account Payable Team


Pay vendors

-receive/clock in documents

-review/edit documents

-content & policy

-compare to PO

Comparing payment terms, name, amount, quantities, discounts merchandise, serial numbers, contract dates, remit to address, does this invoice complete the PO, if so, finalize -- disencumbers any monies left on PO., does it need approval (over $20K), look at line items for account codes, shipping, payment scheduling (based on terms). If invoice amount different than quote, go with quote. Anything other than quote, check with department ordering to determine whether invoice can be paid. Different approaches for---quote - term contract -- standard

-send documents for approval

(send invoice for approval over 20K) Time and Material documents go out to department for approval regardless of amount.

-resolve discrepancies

in addition to contact department, contact vendor

-communicate with vendor or dept.- part of resolve discrepancy

- reconcile errors - part of discrepancy resolution

-correct entries - prior to check being produced

-request credits

Part of discrepancy resolution or difference on monthly statement

-enter credits

-instruct originator

If notice consistent error pattern, contact originator and inform

-override PO items - Part of resolve discrepancy

Create payment

Purchase order

Request for Check - paper document - paid as a check

Travel Reimbursement - paper document - paid as direct deposit (mostly)

Cash Advances - paper document - paid as direct deposit (mostly)

-approve payment

PO approved at req. level, RFC approved by acct admin prior to submission, Reimb approved prior to sending, same for Cash Advances

-schedule payment - covered above

-apply discount - covered above

-cancel payment - If pending and has not been extracted, delete; if has been extracted, it has to be removed from batch; if needs to be removed from direct deposit, a special job has to be runned. RFC cancellation can be done on-line

Create batches

Run reports

Create reports


Create manual entries

-sign manual checks

Those who did not make payroll deadline as for hand drawn check (90%). Vendor in distress sometimes paid on hand drawn. Sometimes emergency employee loan. New faculty home assistance.

-enter manual record (vendor, amt.,etc.) into pos pay batch

manually keys in payment into positive pay batch (daily)

-transmit pos pay batch to bank

Send direct deposit

-access TSO

-FTP direct deposit file

-forward file to bank

-fax cover sheet to bank

-call verification to bank

-run "zeke’ program to send e-mails





Receive Returned checks

-log in

-investigate - Returned item on purchase card, official didn’t show up - check returned -- post office returns checks.

-retrieve and mark orig. document

-create cash transmittals


Cancel Payment (Place stop payments and voids) - stopping payments already created

-mark orig. document

-verify info w/Genrl. Acctg.

-key info into system

-mark check

-create journal vouchers

-redraw checks where appropriate

-run reports

Create / update vendor record

-access vendor file

-review records

-assign vendor number

-key vendor info

-purge vendor file

Generate Specialty payments

-approve foreign drafts/wire transfers

PNC procard payments, utility payments, international invoices to be paid in foreign currencies, international programs - semester abroad payments to a hotel, foreign drafts for Library.

-forward documents for processing (Treas. Ofc)

-create cover sheets

-sign (check)

-record in system

Audit Input/Output

Disbursing payments

-pick up checks and reports

-balance reports

-sign checks

-compare check to source document

-sort out airmail and campus checks

-mail checks


Maintain records

invoices, BER’s, Cash Advances, RFC’s (maintaining and then archiving of original financial documents)

-file documents - above

-file reports

-archive records

Process 1099 Payments

-request federal forms from vendors/independent contractors

-update signature books


Pay non-US personnel - 1042

-request information

-obtain forms

-verify visa type vs. payment allowance

-determine tax-withholding liability

-withhold tax

-research treaty allowances

-apply treaty benefits

-send forms to Fed. Govt.

-enter info into WINDSTAR - about non-US personnel payments (not payroll) It also allows them to look at treaties.

To create check for NRA, go to vendor file to see if person has had payment during current calendar year, if not create a new vendor number for person. If have had payment, use same vendor number. Then key into special program through A/P that will create check for NRA. Key in payment and tax info and that goes into daily batch.

Then re-enter information into Windstar to make cumulative file that meets government reporting requirements.