People Soft A/P Team Meeting Minutes

9/19/00            10:00 A.M.


Attending: Gerri Lear, Mona Adams, Betty Baringer, Jim Green, Burt Wilson,

Al Roberson, Laurie St. Amand, Trudy Riley



Decisions made:  The A/P team will meet once a month for now. Committee members will check the calendar for meeting dates and times.


Tasks Assigned:

   -Jim will work on producing an active vendor file that can be downloaded into Excel,

    after which, Betty Burt and Laurie will work together to scrub the file

   -Betty and Jim will work to identify additional A/P tables

   -Betty and Gerri will work on setting up a site visit to West Chester University

   -Betty and Gerri will meet with Lynda Ruggerio to refine the A/P list of events



I.                    Executive Committee Meeting Recap

§         There has been no decision regarding which version (7.5 or 8.0) of PS will be used at UD.

§         Roby indicated that version 8.0 has been delayed by approximately three months and will be brought out sometime in spring 2001.

§         The single user version of PS will be updated with UD information in approximately a month.

§         On September 12, 2000, a list of shadow systems was submitted to the executive committee from A/P.  Lynda Ruggerio is currently reviewing this list.

§         Gerri and Betty will meet with Lynda Ruggerio on September 20, 2000 regarding the events list that was previously submitted to the executive committee by A/P.


II.                 Reports

§         Gerri and Betty are working on identifying all A/P reports.


III.               Vendor File

§         Gerri and Betty ran a supernatural report regarding permanent vendors paid through A/P since July 1, 2000.

§         Gerri would like to import supernatural data into excel to create a spreadsheet of vendors that could be “cleaned up” before being brought into PS.

§         Jim ran a report from purchasing records on vendors used 5 times or more within a six-month period beginning on February 22, 2000.  The report indicated there were 882 vendors that fit this criterion within that six-month period.

§         Gerri requested that Jim run a supernatural report from purchasing information regarding permanent vendors used from July 1, 2000.

§         Gerri inquired about utilizing Entire Connection to import data.  Jim indicated that he was unfamiliar with the utilization of this software. 

§         In regard to loading the vendor file, Roby noted that a reasonable amount of data from the vendor file should be loaded.  There will be time to add to and make adjustments to the vendor file before going live with PS.


IV.              Tables

§         Gerri stated that there is a need to identify other tables that are currently being used in A/P.  She requested that Jim in conjunction Betty work on identifying these tables.

§         Roby will inquire from DigiTerra Consulting how to load entries into tables.  Tables will need to loaded from both A/P and Purchasing in order to properly test in the single user version.


V.                 Non-resident Aliens

§         Gerri indicated that she has not been able to locate information on the single user version with regard to payments to non-resident aliens. 

§         Gerri inquired whether payments and tax withholding for non-resident aliens would be administered through HR.

§         Mona suggested that Gerri speak with Ellen Lepine regarding this issue.

§         Roby and Jim both mentioned that during PS training, they heard that PS did not currently have the functionality for non-resident alien payments.


VI.              Miscellaneous

§         Betty inquired about enabling 1099s in the single user version.  Roby will ask DigiTerra Consulting about this.

§         Gerri and Betty will be contacting Don Fogg from West Chester University (WCU) regarding a visit by them to WCU.

§         Gerri stated that going forward at this time the PS A/P team would be meeting once a month.  Please check the calendar on the web site for meeting dates.

§         Roby stated that room 003 in Hullihen Hall was set up for use.  Each committee member should be able to access the room by swiping their UD ID card at the door.  The room has three PCs, a telephone and copies of all the PS manuals UD currently has.  In order to reserve the room, you may contact Ellen Bourett at extension 2107.



Respectfully submitted,

Trudy M. Riley