PeopleSoft A/P Team Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2000

10:00 AM


Attending:    Gerri Lear, Jim Green, Betty Baringer, Mona Adams, Burt   Wilson

Excused:    Al Roberson


Gerri called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM.  She announced that meetings would be held biweekly at 10:00 AM in the conference room at 910 South Chapel Street until further notice.  She reminded everyone that they should be checking the website regularly.  She also announced that an additional member of the team would be appointed from the campus-at-large soon.


She then presented the Agenda and started discussing item 1, the Schedule of Events.  She handed out the schedule that she had prepared thus far and indicated that any additions or changes should be submitted to her by August 11th.  She also noted that the Accounts Payable department was reviewing her events list as well.


She informed the team that the Executive Committee (at the direction of the Steering Committee) would be looking to implement the package with as few modifications and customizations as possible.


She discussed item 2, Create Tables.  In this discussion, she referred to comments e-mailed by Roby which clarified his expectations for this section of the project.  He would like see each group not only prepare a list of tables that will need to be included, but also to see each group work on preparing data for those tables.  Of specific note is the Vendor File, which will need to be scrubbed well before loading.


Mona and Gerri discussed Lynda Ruggerio's definition of events and decided for the time being, the list would simply be all of the events handled.  Organizing them into processes would be done at a later date.


Gerri noted that item 3 on the agenda was to catalog the reports used by the department, as well as the data that is on those reports.  Betty and Jim discussed where some of the reports reside currently.


Gerri asked Burt to outline the timeline for the project.  Burt reviewed the Executive Committee's tentative schedule which follows:

1)  Decide on the version (7.5 or 8.0) by the end of Calendar Year 2000

2)  Implement the selected version in development in January of 2001.

Start loading test data as well as the tables at this point.

3)  Run the system in development mode until September of 2001.

4)  Run the system parallel with the current system(s) until July 1,

2002.  It is not sure at this time if the system will also be run in

parallel for May and June of 2001 to see how it works during the

year-end close.

5)  Go live July 1, 2002.


Gerri discussed item 4 on the agenda, the need to evaluate shadow systems.  She stated that this not only included systems on PCs, but also those on the mainframe.  She referred people to Roby's e-mail which outlined this item in more detail.


Gerri also defined the following terms for the people on the team:

Modification:  A change to the programming code

Customization:  An addition to the programming code

Work Around:  Manipulating data outside the system during the process

Pre-Processing:  Manipulating data before it enters the system


She stated that the first two (Modification and Customization) would require the approval of the Steering Committee.


The group then proceeded to start to discuss the tables that are used. The Vendor File was discussed to determine criteria that could be used during the scrub process.  It is unsure as to how many of the inactive vendors can be removed, as well as how long vendor records must be kept after their last activity.  There was also discussion about the 1099

table, it's relationship with the Visa ProCard information which is downloaded (and the problems with the data received from Visa) and if there are capabilities for a 1042-S table in PeopleSoft.


The meeting closed with Gerri reminding everyone to have their additions to the Events list to her by the 11th of August, and to be thinking about reports for the next meeting.


The meeting ended at 11:00.  The next meeting will be August 22 at 10:00 in 910 South Chapel Street.


Respectfully submitted,

Burt Wilson