PeopleSoft A/P Team Meeting Minutes

8-29-00            9:00


Attending:  Gerri Lear, Mona Adams, Betty Baringer, Jim Green, Tory Windley,

Lynda Ruggerio, Laurie St.Amand, Burt Wilson, Don Fogg (West Chester Univ.)


Excused: Trudy Riley, Al Roberson


The meeting was an open forum for UD personnel to hear from invited guest, Don Fogg of West Chester University (WCU).  WCU is currently using PS 7.02 and is in the process of implementing version 7.5. Target date for 7.5 is January 2001.


Questions revolved around the system set ups and limitations.


The vendor file was a prime topic. WCU decided not to bring in the existing vendor file. They started from scratch and key new vendor records as needed. Their old vendor file was archived and is accessible on line.


Don mentioned the need for “naming conventions” to standardize the input of vendor information. Example: Univ of DE, University of DE, Univ of Delaware, etc. WCU decided to use the PS feature that automatically assigns the next sequential vendor number. Their campus shares vendor numbers from one file. Don talked about default addresses and the fact that addresses and 1099 information can be chosen at the invoice entry time. The system allows for 1099 additions and corrections.


PS does not allow the use of temporary vendors. Options include regular, one time and permanent. WCU did not see the value in implementing the “one time” option and uses only regular and permanent vendor options.


Student refunds are linked by student ssn behind the scene. The system views the ssn and assigns a PS payables vendor number to the transaction.


Questions were asked concerning set up restrictions and the ability to override restrictions.  Don indicated these types of defaults should be established at the set up time.


Don talked a little about PS support. As problems occur, PS will show you how to avoid those problems in the future but will not help resolve or clean up the existing problem. He had to devise way to fix problems himself with the help of his technical staff.


WCU does not use purchase requisitions; departments submit purchase order paper copies to Purchasing for the buyers to input.


Don could not comment on non-resident alien issues.


WCU does not have direct deposit or positive pay and are in the first stages of procurement card implementation. Their p-card will be used only for goods; services may not be charged to the card, therefore, 1099 reporting on p-card transactions will not be an issue for WCU. Tory suggested Don visit UD Purchasing department to see how the

p-card system is set up, especially the web allocation system.


Don stressed the importance of training, training and more training for all members of Accounts Payable and Purchasing. He also advised that each  person’s work  station be ergonomically up to date to facilitate the increased number of key strokes required with PS.


We discussed the possibility of site visits to WCU. Don was very receptive to a visit but reminded us that they will not be live with version 7.5 until January or February of 2001.


The group thanked Don for visiting us and sharing his experiences. Don agreed to continue discussions with our team as issues arise.


The next A/P Team meeting is scheduled for September 19 at 10:00 am in the

910 conference room.