PeopleSoft A/P Team Meeting Minutes

8-22-00 10:00 A. M.


Attending: Gerri Lear, Mona Adams, Betty Baringer, Jim Green, Tory Windley, Trudy Riley, Al Roberson, Laurie St. Amand, Burt Wilson



Per Gerri, Lynda Ruggerio has been given the list of events for A/P and is reviewing it.

Gerri, Jim and Betty are working on compiling the list of A/P reports due on 10/10.

Gerri, Betty & Burt to attend Intro to Financials at PeopleSoft on August 28th.



Main item of discussion: Vendor File Should we convert existing file or start new.


Gerri contacted other universities who have implemented PeopleSoft.

West Chester started new, Georgetown - converted active vendors only, and Baylor - converted all (no number counts)


Roby suggested that we could convert existing file to Access or Excel and work on cleaning it up from there.


Tory, Mona and Gerri felt the scope of the file was too large to attempt converting the entire vendor file, especially with the time consuming job of linking the order numbers with the remit to numbers for each vendor.


Jim noted that there are currently 17,376 permanent vendor numbers, 5,770 of which have had payment activity since January of 1998. Within the last 5 years 8,930 have had payment activity. No information on the number of vendors with purchase order activity was available at this time.


It was determined that, of the 2100 new POs opened in the last fiscal year, about half required new vendor numbers as well.


Mona mentioned that at a previous meeting with Tory and Gerri, the possibility of converting one or two hundred of the most used vendors was suggested.


This plan was considered to have merit and Jim was charged with researching the vendor file to try to determine the following activities in the file: payment, issuance, and modification. A discussion will be held, based on the findings.


Gerri expressed concern about the size of the PeopleSoft Vendor file. A/P currently uses approximately 1200 to 1500 temporary vendor numbers each week for the payment of travel reimbursements, RFC payments and student refunds. Since PeopleSoft does not allow for the use of temporary numbers, these would need to become permanent numbers.


Roby indicated that since the PeopleSoft Vendor number field is Alpha/Numeric, the size is almost infinite.







Tory noted that since the PeopleSoft HR system assigns each employee an ID number, we should try to coordinate vendor numbers for employee travel reimbursement with those ID numbers. The same should apply to student refunds, since we will eventually be purchasing PeopleSoft for A/R.


Agreement was made that we would discover and coordinate our Vendor numbers for these payments with the Identifiers used in the HR and Student Systems.


We need to discover whether the PS vendor numbers are system generated or if we can define our own. It was suggested that we could use an identifier for different areas.

For example, Library could be given access to the vendor add/change and assigned the letters LIB, to be used as the beginning of each of their vendor numbers.


Approval was given to set up some site visits for a small number of the team. Tory suggested that we begin by inviting Don Fogg, of West Chester, to a breakfast meeting

in early September to discuss PeopleSoft and the possibility of a site visit in September.


It was suggested that, at the time of the site visit, we should observe their processes, as well as having prepared questions.


Topics for the next meeting: Vendor file, Recap of the 1-day training of August 28th by those attending.


Adjourned 10:55 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Betty Baringer