People Soft A/P Team Meeting Minutes

12/12/00 10:00 A.M.


Attending: Gerri Lear, Jeff Quirico, Jim Green, Al Roberson, Mona Adams, Trudy Riley, Betty Baringer, Lynda Ruggerio, Carol Rylee, Kate Foster



              I.      Panel Assignment that was given to the A/P team is near completion. Jim Green is providing data elements that need to be added to the People Soft spreadsheet.

           II.      12/11/00 Gerri and Betty visited Don Fogg at West Chester University to observe their use of People Soft version 7.2.



Demonstration of People Soft by Gerri and Betty:


              I.      Create Vendor Record

        The current MVS system allows for all information in the creation of a vendor record on one screen. From this screen 1099 information can be captured and then tagged as payables when a payment is made.

        In People Soft the creation of a vendor record is done through the use of one panel with four tabs Identifying Information, Address, Location and Contacts. People Soft has much more functionality and allows for multiple addresses per vendor name.


People Soft requires that a short name be entered. Gerri indicated that A/P would need to work with Purchasing to implement standards for the creation of short names for vendors.


Roby suggested implementing ACH (Automatic Clearinghouse) along with the A/P system.


           II.      Create Payment

        Current MVS system has 1099 information on the first screen and allows expenditures to be tagged as a 1099 payment. It also indicates invoices that are pending on a particular purchase order. Once the information is entered and payment made the amount is automatically disencumbered from the Purchase Order.

        In order to make a payment in People Soft there are ten tabs within the Voucher Payment panel. The tabs are Invoice Header Information, Line Information and Charges, Schedule Payment, Record Payment, Approvals and Matching, Accounting Information, Currency, Template Information, Status Summary and Comments. TIN information is not shown on the first screen.


         III.      Travel Payment

        Current MVS system uses one screen to record information for payment. From this screen the system gathers information about the individual from the HR system via SSN and first three letters of last name. The system also accesses General Accounting to look up authorizers on the account being charged. The information is automatically sent to payroll to be batched with other payments. It will remain in the batch until the evening batches are pulled in by Production Comtrol, during which time the payment may be deleted.

        In People Soft the Enter Voucher Information panel has the same tabs as the Voucher Payment panel used to create a payment to a vendor. There is not a place to put an SSN. A vendor record must be created in order for the travel payment to be completed.




              I.      Roby suggested that before long there should be group sessions among the Financial People Soft teams.

           II.      Carol indicated that sometime in January 2001, all team leaders would learn how to create queries and run reports in People Soft.



Respectfully submitted,

Trudy M. Riley