UPDATE AS OF 5/10/01

All of the teams have been hard at work since our last update. The panel field review at the team level and mapping of UD data is winding down. The data will now be consolidated by the reporting team into the master list of all fields.

The teams are also working on compiling of list of current interfaces that occur in the current system. Also, the project plan is being updated and will be used and updated more frequently going forward.

The Chart of Accounts group will finalize the list of Department acronyms, and will approve the new chartfields to be added. Additionally, they will then start inputting JVs so that the teams have data to look at (particularly the reporting team). The Budget Office will also input standard budgets against the chartfield strings that have JVs so that reporting against these fields can be tested.

The previous Projects team has been split into the Grants team and the Facilities Projects team. Both teams are in full operation. The Grants team is proceeding with the panel field review and are reviewing the setup instructions, which has been educational. On-site grants training will occur the week of 5/29. The Facilities Team has met and mapped a plan going forward.

Other team members will be attending training in Tools I, Intro course, Budget Planning, and GL I prior to June 30.