Project Module Team Meeting

General Accounting Conference Room

Tuesday, August 22, 2000 8:00 9:30

Present: Denise Schneider (General Accounting/Team Leader), Rachel Strickland (OVPR), Van Adams (IT/MIS), Gail Tentor (Facilities), Gerri Hobbs (OVPR), Dave Bley (Facilities).

Excused: Robin Harbaugh (Marine Studies)

Carol Rylee (Budget Office/Executive Team)

Visitor: Sharon Flynn (Investments)

The meeting began promptly at 8am.

General review of executive meeting:

The Facilities, OVPR & Endowments Events Lists were submitted to the Executive Committee. Lynda Ruggerio will review them and call a meeting for each list for more in-depth review. Lists of complimentary systems and databases need to be prepared to submit for the 9/12 executive meeting. For the 10/10 executive meeting we need to have our reports lists ready.

Current Business:

We need to identify complimentary systems and databases not shadow systems. Systems that contain information that is more detailed or not on the central system. In addition to making our complimentary lists (Facilities, OVPR, and Endowments), members from the Project Module Team will interview representatives from all seven Colleges to get complimentary list input University wide. Van Adams will provide a list of reports from the computing center.

Denise, Gail and Rachel from the Project Module Team go for Peoplesoft training on August 28th.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45.