Instructions for running Psoft Tutorial

  1. Go to PeopleSoft Web Site:
  2. Put your cursor on the "Services" tab & select the Ed & Training
  3. option
  4. Select PeopleSoft Pre-Class Tutorials
  5. Select PSoft 7.5 preclass Navigation tutorial
  6. If you don't have the plug-in & the tutorial won't run, click on Macromedia Authorware Web Download
  7. Click on the "click to download" button & remember what directory & the name of the the file that was downloaded.
  8. Click the start button in the bottom left of your computer screen. Then click run and type in the location (directory) of the downloaded file.
  9. Follow the prompts.
  10. Happy Tutoring!!

If you have any problems with the tutorial or the download, contact either Carol Rylee, x 1234, or Roby, x8964,