Decisions made:

Effective Dating of Chartfields, Trees, Nodes & Levels (Report-Trees Subteam 6/20/02):
(NOTE:Proposed until further report testing is completed)
Chartfields - 7/1 of current year of fiscal year first created
Trees - 7/1 of current year with new tree created each fiscal year
Nodes/Levels - 7/1/2050

Central Trees, Nodes, & Levels will begin with "UD" (Report-Trees Subteam 6/20/02)

ALL CAPS will be used for naming of Chartfields, Trees, Nodes & Levels (Report-Trees Subteam 6/20/02)

Recommend that before users are granted access to the Tree Manager they will first complete a class that will teach them how to use trees responsibly. (Report-Trees Subteam 6/20/02)

HR ACCOUNT CODE WILL BE (CAROL RYLEE 12/13/01): PSDept + PSAcct + 5 characters to denote project and 4 characters to denote PSClass (presuming that we have up to 25 characters available in HR PSAccount code).

PS ACCOUNT (CAROL RYLEE 12/7/01): PS Accounts will start with a 1.  This facilitates the drop down boxes sorting such that the non-salary PS Accounts fall at the top above the salary PS Accounts.

PS ACCOUNT LENGTH (CAROL RYLEE 12/6/01): All PS Accounts will be 6 characters.

All Personnel PS Accounts must carry the full 6 characters.

Each Faculty, Chair and Dean will each have assigned a unique set of characters in the last 3 digits of PSAccount that will carry with them throughout their life at UD.  Example:  A Faculty member is hired with PS Account 1FFAAA.  They become  a chair 5 years later and their PS Account becomes 1CHAAA.  Then when they become Dean, their PS Account becomes 1DNAAA.  It will be considered at a later date that each Graduate Student and Post Docs will also have assigned a unique set of characters in the last 3 digits of PSAccount that will carry with them throughout their life a UD.

Deans will carry a designation of FN as opposed to PF.

There will be no duplication in the last three digits of 1FF, 1CH and 1DN.

PROJ/GRANT DROPDOWN BOX (Carol Rylee 11/12/01): We need  to display the proj/grant dropdown box on the panel JOURNAL_ENTRY2.  Therefore, we will turn off the check on Define Business Rules/Define General Options/Use E-P/Installation Options/Products.  We need to leave the grants box checked on.  Hopefully, this will allow the proj/grant dropdown box to be used on the JOURNAL_ENTRY2 panel and also allow for full functionality in the grants and projects modules.

PROJ/GRANT CHARTFIELDS (Carol Rylee 11/12/01): We will be using the project/grant Chartfields to list the grant for which a transaction is matching.

STATE SPECIAL LINES (Carol Rylee 11/12/01): We will denote State special lines by locator digits (5&6 in dept.) 22.

FEDERAL FUNDS TREE (Carol Rylee 11/12/01): We will be able to report on Federal funds by use of a dynamic tree.  This tree will contain one node, with each dept. acronym represented by a range of values, such as CHEM300000 - CHEM3ZZZZZ.

CONVERT ACTIVE ACCOUNTS (Carol Rylee 11/12/01): We will only convert active accounts as of 7/1/02 and forward.

GRANTS AND BILLING(Exec Team 4/10/02): Include Grants and Billing in Phase I if possible.  Backwash for grants will be planned either way to accommodate closeouts of multiyear grants.

PROJECT-TO-DATE BUDGETS (Carol Rylee 6/13/01): Split project-to-date budgets into multiple years on the way into the warehouse

VENDOR FILE (burt Wilson 5/1/02): All vendor data will be loaded as new (i.e. no conversion of existing data).

OLD WAREHOUSE(Carol Rylee 5/01/01): At conversion, all 6/32/xx and greater dates will be converted to 6/31/00 and will equate to the 13th closing period in Psoft. COA Team 5/10/01

OLD WAREHOUSE (Carol Rylee 5/01/01): At conversion, three data fields will be added to each GL transaction and GL balance table entries in the existing warehouse. Fields will be PS Department, PS Account, and a field made up of concatenated PS Dept/PS Account. This last field will assist in joining multiple tables. COA Team 5/10/01

SPEED TYPE (Exec Team 11/30/01) System will rely on speed type entry of a single value equal to the PS Department code to populate chartfields of Business Unit, Fund, Program and Project/Grant.  PS Account and PS Class will be added separately.  This is to occur for all modules that have speed type available.

PROJECT MODULE (Project Subteam 2/1/02) Facilities is not going to us PeopleSoft for project accounting, but will use the MAXIMO system.

HISTORICAL DATA (Roberson 4/1/02) Data may be moved from legacy to PS or from PS to legacy files (tables) by using the CROSSWALK.  One year of historical data (expected to be FY 02-03) will be converted and will be used for parallel testing.