PS Financials Communication/Training

Core Team Meeting

September 8, 2003; 10:30-12:00 p.m.

Hullihen Hall Board Room






Monthly Statement Update

Reloading of the Balances and Transaction tables will continue this afternoon.  The hope is that they will finish that today and begin the running of statements Tuesday 9/9.  Statements will be pushed to users in logon alpha order in 4 batches.   The recipients of statements will receive emails letting them know they are available. 


Al & General Accounting will place on the websites the date that is currently allowable for those who want to “pull” statements.  General Accounting will update this. It is ok to release the instructions for how to pull statements but the instructions won’t be posted to the web until after the July statements are “pushed”.  This is to avoid a panic.


Archiving statements – According to Roby, it is not mandatory that users archive statements.  However, it is unclear if or how General Accounting will do this in the future.  Eileen will check on the status of this and report back.


Procard activity in Transaction table currently has a description of “Procard Journal Templ”.  In the future the description will be the vendor. A new field (UOD_SCENARIO_DESCR) will be added to the transaction table that will reflect the last six digits of the Procard.  Peggy has added this field to the EZQ_TRANS_DTL with a heading text of “PcardLast6Digits”.  Procard activity prior to 7/22/03 will not be fixed as they cannot retrieve the detail.


Phase II/Future of Comm Team

Consultants should begin working in October and we should have a better idea of where the Comm Team is headed.  Most likely is that the team as it is will be discontinued but some members may be asked to serve on a newly configured Team to provide similar services for the Grants/Proj & AR Bill conversion. 



Query Revision

Draft Done:  Chris Cook & Chris Murphy will take back to their units to have someone review and proofread the new version.


Basic Training II

            The Comm Team completed the review of the Basic II slides.  Chris Cook will do some minor cleanup and return the file to Peggy.  Once it is finalized, Al will post to UDFS/Info site.



Query Booster:  next class

No Time left -To be continued 9/22/03.


Webforms & CC’s

If you receive a carbon copy of a webform (HR or FIN) once you remove the copy from your inbox, the form is gone forever, no copy is added to your archive.  Dee Smith sent an email to Ellen and Carol Rylee to discuss this with the IT people and a meeting had already been scheduled to discuss remedies for this problem.