PS Financials Communication/Training

Core Team Meeting

July 14, 2003; 10:30-12:00 p.m.

Hullihen Hall Board Room






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Special Cases w/ own class numbers

·        e.g. assoc deans who are 202; deans; etc?  Not 211, 210, 216 – Please check the status of all of your chairs, directors, etc to verify their status.



Crosswalk Enhancements:  Crosswalk now displays inactive/deleted PSAccount values with the suggested replacement value if there is one.



UOD_Balances Table Tip

To exclude the statistics balances include in your queries STATISTICS_CODE = ' ' (1 space) it was determined that in creating the query, the correct practice was to leave the constant field completely blank and the software will create the propoer code.



Monthly Statement Explanation



Training Plan Status Update



Basic Training



Basic Training II and Query Booster



AP/PO Access Update?



Other items:





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