May 28, 2003


In attendance:  Paul Anderson, Anna Bloch, Peggy Bottorff, Michelle Broadway, Chris Cook, Al Fanjoy, Bill Fitzpatrick, Steve Grasson, Lisa Huber, Ellen Lepine, Dave McCarren, Chris Murphy, Linda Somers, Dee Smith, Amy Taylor




Minutes next time: Al Fanjoy


Barbara Garrison and Peggy Bottorff to discuss what should be submitted to the UDaily web site.


Readiness Training will go to the udfs/info web page after Bill Fitzpatrick reviews the presentation one final time for edits. Bill will send to Al when edits are complete.


Query Training is now a web page and is ready to be added to the udfs/info web page.  There is an issue with the pages printing; Peggy has contacted Suzanne Nanis in IT to see how long it would take to fix this, otherwise it will go up without this correction. Peggy would like to take some time over the summer to update the query exercises to use the UOD_Balances and UOD_Transactions tables. This does not need to hold up adding it to the web.




Know Thy Data Sub-group



Basic Training