PS Financials Communication/Training

11/3/2003; 10:30-12:00 p.m.

Hullihen Hall Board Room




  • Next Meeting:  Monday, December 1, 2003, Hullihen 130 (will be part of Comm Team II meeting; see below)
  • Minutes this time:  Peggy Bottorff



Open Forum Debrief

Team discussed impressions from open forum; clear that some tier ones had missed training “pockets” of people; all Comm. Team members urged to follow up with attendees from units they represent.  Peggy thanked central office people for attending, as most questions involved data issues.  Peggy to send attendee list to team.



Query Booster Status

Subteam met on 10/27 to discuss advanced query tips to include in Query Booster web resource.  Each member of subteam will writeup a tip that was assigned that day; Peggy to compile and send to Al for posting


LAM Reminders

Two issues discussed:

1.      Reminder to all that, per the LAM training, deobligations will ONLY work if EVERY chartfield in the obligation matches what is in the LAM.  Obligations security works; Peggy has been told deobligation process not written yet but pending – asked comm. Team members to enter obligations and see if they get deobligated, starting with 11/15 pay.

2.      Reminder to all that, per LAM training, mid-pay period adjustments will necessitate JVs since LAM distributes the whole pay period’s pay per the current distribution.  Dee suggested that a hybrid distribution could be entered into the LAM to make pay correct for the transition pay period; this is possible but has disadvantages of having one “plug” distribution in the LAM (looks odd in history) and making it possible for old departments to deduce new salary in case where someone changes departments.  Comm team members can choose to do this if they want, but it won’t be recommended to campus as a whole due to the disadvantages.


Future of Comm Team

Peggy noted that the Comm. Team had fulfilled its original purpose of readying the campus for PS Phase I Financials, and forming helpful networks of colleagues across campus.  The existence of the team also signaled to campus that people in many units “knew what was going on” with the implementation.


As we move to Phase II (grants, AR/billing, asset mgt), the Comm. Team will not meet regularly.  Ellen Lepine will lead a new Phase II Comm Team, and will draw on original Comm Team members as a resource, beginning with December 1 meeting.  However, she will pull together new team to address training and communications issues associated with Phase II.  Ellen asked team members to suggest people to her for Comm Team II, but noted she’d be pulling participants from other sources too.  Peggy thanked all Comm Team members for their service and hard work, and expressed opinion that Ellen is wonderful choice to lead Comm Team II for many reasons.  Ellen may schedule a Comm Team II meeting in about two weeks.


Discussion of future of training in general at UD:  Eileen noted that GA will be doing financial system training, as they have in the past for Legacy, for PS beginning this spring.  Chris Murphy confirmed that User Services will offer query training – may draw on people from GA or other units to help with that training (esp. the issue of understanding the data).   Budget Office owns LAM – Peggy suggested to Michelle that she inquire about budget office offering ongoing LAM training resource of some sort.