PS Financials Communication/Training

Core Team Meeting

10/20/2003; 10:30-12:00 p.m.

Hullihen Hall Board Room




  • Next Meeting:  Monday, November 3, 2003, Hullihen 130
  • Minutes next time: Chris Murphy
  • Minutes this time:  Chris Cook


Open Forum

  • 30 RSVP’s received so far. Peggy will send the final list of responses to the team as close to the 10/24 response deadline as possible.
  • Ben or Eileen will be attending to represent GA
  • Tory or a designee will be attending to represent Procurement Services.
  • Carol Rylee will be attending to represent Budget
  • Anna Bloch will be attending to represent HR
  • Still on schedule for 9-10:30 in Trabant Theatre
  • Dee Smith, Linda Somers and Amy Taylor agreed to be sign-in helpers
  • There is a calendar conflict with the Grants Team which will be discussed in an effort that more of those that sit on both teams can be present at the forum.



  • PB saved AT1_OPER_to_NAME as a UDQ for public use. This query translates an operator user name to a ‘real life’ name.


Monthly Statements

  • Peggy agreed to send our collective feedback on the statement instructions to Eileen Prazniak if we forward our comments to her.


PR Article

  • Public relations wants to promote the fact that over 750 people were trained by the Comm. Team in the PS Financials Phase I effort.


Purchase Orders

  • The MIS web team has the charge to create an open order report which we hope will be a reflection of summary and individual purchase orders. This is a long term solution.
  • The SHORT Term solution to this reporting problem is to contact Procurement services when there is a data need.
  • There are still some issues out there on how to discern the data more accurately. Peggy agreed to aid the Comm. team reps in filtering the PO questions up the ladder.