Weekly Update for the week of September 11, 2000

The furniture, computers, and smart team board arrived and were set up last week. The Team board isn't quite ready to go, but it will be shortly. The LCD projector has been ordered & should arrive shortly. Room 003is ready for business! It can be scheduled for meetings with Ellen Bourett, x 2107 or treasure@udel.edu.

The teams have begun to gather reports. All teams will gather reports from folks within their groups, and the GL Team will gather reports for other campus areas, such as the colleges. This will prevent multiple visits to the same area. The reports will be turned over to the reporting team for their review & decision-making regarding future production in the PeopleSoft environment. The events lists are being reviewed by Lynda Ruggerio, who is meeting with team leaders. Also, the complementary data lists have been submitted by the team leaders, and Jeff Quirico and Lynda Ruggerio will review those.

There is a very small chart of accounts ready for loading. Roby is meeting with Digiterra rep Jerry Kenney this Thursday to discuss their assistance with setup of the GL.