Summary of 6/6/00 Timeline meeting

Attendees: Pat Davis
                   Jeff Quirico
                   Al Roberson
                   Carol Rylee
                   Lynda Ruggiero

Lynda distributed the HR current timeline. We agreed that what we really will have for now is a project plan. We will track each module in its own section in the project timeline. We will put a person or group of persons as responsible for each assignment at the time that it is added to the timeline.

The timeline will also contain a planning and management section and a production & desktop environment section .

Pat Davis will investigate using the Events calendar system for our calendar. (As of the writing of these notes, Pat has reported that using this system is quite possible.)

Carol Rylee will get the web page up ASAP, asking Susan Phipps to use a tool such as Adobe Photoshop at theMorris library public site to convert the text banner into HTML-compatible format.

Carol Rylee will ask Bob Bosler to set up a meeting of the 5 of us every other week to review the timeline, make adjustments and assess progress. Also in these meetings, Pat & Lynda will update us on the HR project and give us a review of information learned in the HR project that may benefit the financials project.

Everyone needs to get their vacation plans to Bob Bosler, so that it can be coordinated with meetings and site visits that need to be scheduled.

We discussed a site visit to Princeton. Several topics will include their workflow, their security.

The timeline for each of the modules will include sub topics: Design & Build Interfaces, Design & Build Web Applications, Design & Build Customizations (should there be any), Functional Area Process reviews, security, reporting and training.

We discussed what details should be on the timeline from June until January, 2000. The rest of the timeline is by necessity broad.

Rough timeline agreed to today:

GL, Projects, Purchasing, AP - 6/30/00 - 6/30/02
Grants, Asset Mgmt, Budgets, Billing, Receivables - 1/1/01 - 12/31/02
Planning & Management - 6/1/0 - 6/30/01
Production & Desktop Management - Dates to be completed by Lynda Ruggerio

June, 2000 - January, 2001 (description - person responsible - date of completion)
1. Site Visit to Princeton - Roby - 8/31/00
2. Web Page - Carol 6/30/00
3. Written Criteria for choosing consultants - Carol first draft - 6/30
4. Install Single User Version & list of who - Exec Team - Date?????
5. Name Team members for 1st four modules - Exec Team - 6/30
6. Determine training approach for project team members - Exec Team - 6/30
7. Investigate workflow - Princeton - Pat - 9/30
8. Decide on workflow & client vs. web - Exec Team - 9/30
9. Security Scheme - develop & recommend - Exec Team - 9/30
10. MS Access Conversion table for account codes - Gen Acctg - 12/31
11. Complete Definition of Chart of Accounts - Exec Team - 9/30
12. Complete table details of chart of accounts - exec team - 10/31
13. Create Activities list (events) for Phase I modules - exec team 12/31
14. Ordered list of tables - exec team - 11/30
15. Schedule overview of all modules - exec team - 8/31
16. Prototype to establish set-up tables - exec team -8/31
17. Technical team to put a list of interfaces together - Pat - 12/31