Notes from 6/20 UDFS Meeting

It was agreed that a web-based Project Event Calendar would be created that would record what has already taken place in the UDFS project and what is scheduled going forward. Roby will investigate the use of Outlook for creating the Calendar; Pat will investigate using the Public Relations Calendar; and Lynda will look at software on her system that might work for the calendar and web publishing.

As the initial step in naming project teams, a person from each area was identified who would determine additional team members. They are: Ben Martin, GL; Geri Lear, Accounts Payable; Denise Schneider, Projects; and Tory Windley, Purchasing. In addition, a group was named for AdHoc Reporting/Trees Environment (new category on the Project Plan). They are: Greg Rumsey, Carol Rylee, Marcia Lockard, Van Adams, and Julie Burton.

In a further discussion of how events would be identified in each area, it was decided that once team members from each area had been identified, Roby would call a meeting to inform all those involved regarding various aspects of the project, and the need for members to identify events in their areas.

There was also some discussion of training where it was determined that two people from each area would be trained, with the exception of three from General Accounting and Marcia Lockard from the Treasurer's Office. Those people would then be responsible for training others from their areas.

The team members went item-by-item through the project plan to update dates, percentages and to make changes and additions. These will be reflected in the next version of the project plan.