UDFS Phase II Issues Log -- Abbreviations: A/R-Billing Team = ARBT; Asset Management Team = AMT; Grants Team = GT; Facilities/Projects Team = FPT; Technical Team = TT; Communications Team = CT; Reporting Team = RT; Crestone Consultants = CC; Information Technology Steering Committee = ITSC; Executive Steering Committee = EST; Executive Committee = EC; Not Applicable = N/A  
Team Name                       or other identifier:   GRANTS  
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  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Data Input directly into FIPRD -versus- use of Webforms or ?? Exec. Team, Carl Jacobson  R 1.  Phase I approach: Input into RPT to then update PRD , Grants, Billing, Projects,                    12/03/03  Both options will be available. Direct input into FIPRD will need to be negotiated.
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Should we use Budget Checking? If so, what level of Budget Checking?   H 1.  More of a Departmental Issue                                                      2.  OVPR closeouts would be interested in being able to control charges beyond the end date.    
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Should F&A be calculated within Grants or outside of Grants?   M 1. So that it is useful for Rates Negotiation?                                     2.  Assets distribution?  After big 11-03-03 Mtg. it was decided to try "both" ways- Grants will be setup for F&A to process, and Carol will figure a way for allocations to process.                                                                                                    3. If outside of Grants- Waived would also need to be calculated.                                             Interim- Grants will setup and Test, Carol Rylee will setup and test. January will be target to make a decision.
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Does Grants care to make any recommendations about GA Distribution of F&A?   R 1.  Need to understand the process.  11/04/05 No- Departments/Colleges will be consulted by GL
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Will we need data feeds from HR?   H 1. Need to detail issues                                                                     2.  Need to schedule meeting with HR.         3. Need to talk to MIS.              Meeting 12/8/03 with Anna Bloch and CORE. HR cares about all but Publications data. C&G people are a subset of data that HR must keep. Anna is considering changing the JED and the Demographic Data form to collect additional data that Grants needs- includ. Public. and could possible send to Grants tables immediately.  
6 10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Does Grants need data from LAM?   R 1. Issues related to possibly using for Effort Reporting 12/03/03 Match will originate in the LAM- but no direct feed is needed.
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL What level of security to use on PRE? Are delivered options acceptable?   H      
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL What level of security to use on POST? Are delivered options acceptable?   H 1. Will need to negitiate Proj. Security with Facilities. 2. Possble use of Webform to decentralize adding of Proj. Team members.    
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL How will Awards be structured in PeopleSoft? 1 Award, 1 Project, many activities OR  1 Award, Multiple Projects OR ?? CORE TEAM R 1. F&A can be calc. down the Activity ID                                 2.  Activity ID does not have different PIs 11/25/03 Grants will have 1 Award, 1/multiple Projects, each Project has only 1 Activity ID, by default. 
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL How to secure Salary information- anywhere it appears.   H      
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Who will monitor if ledger and Projresource Table are in sync?    H      
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Will we need the full Contracts functionality? TORY R 1.  Billing and Revenue Recognition issues will drive. 12/09/03 As per Tory- 12-9-03- we own the full Contracts module.
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Will the Assets module adequately track all the necessary information related to C&G equipment?   M 1. Will need input from Susan Tkachick   Pending Susan viewing the software functionality.
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL What type of tree for Budget Checking- Spring or Winter?   M 1. Spring- allows ranges.(as per Tamara)   Pending Decision on use of Budget Checking
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Do we need a MOD to correct the rounding issues?   H 1. Galveston customized.                                                                  2.  You can go back into a category that does not get F&A charged and adjust to add up to whole dollar.                                                 3.  Mostly an issue in Pre- for printing on sponsor forms.    
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Webforms in other modules will need to be changed to reflect the additional Grants/Project chartfields.   H 1. Carl was informed of the possiblity 10/23/03 at wrapup meeting.   List of recommended Project Chartfields to be used and details presented to the Exec. Team 12/03/03. Awaiting decision.
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Do we need a Webform for budget revisions?   H     Meeting to be held 12/17/03
  10/17/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Will extra FTEs be needed in OVPR?   M 1. Budget checking might necessitate- and/or backup for Billing.      
  10/21/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Determine which extra Project Chartfields to use CORE & Rick & FACILITIES  R 1. will need to schedule a meeting with Facilities Folks 11/25/03 After Meeting with Facilities 11-24-03 and special meeting with Delegated authority folks, it is recommended that all additional chartfields which Projects makes avail. Be utilized.  
  10/21/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Need to develop a Migration Strategy   H 1.  FITST to FIPRD etc.    
  10/21/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Who will maintain Trees?   M      
  10/21/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Additional Activity IDs Process CORE & Rick & FACILITIES  R 1. Delegation of authority folks would need a dynamic issuing of activity ids- who would then input them? 11/25/03 General Grants nor Delegation of Authority foks do not plan to use- however Facilities would definitely use if they come up in Projects.
  10/21/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Who "owns" the Customer Table   H 1. Billing Sponsors are in here too.    
  10/21/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Locations issues   H 1.  Shared table, need meeting with Assets.    
  10/21/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Who "owns" the Sponsor Table?   H 1. Shared table    
  11/5/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL How will F&A be sent to GL as Federal, State and Other?   M      
  11/5/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Should we continue to filll in  ProjectGrant on non-C&G Purposes??   H Need to test F&A to make sure it excludes these.    
  10/21/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Subrecepients- necessary at Proposal Stage?   M 1. Since only about 50% of all proposals get funded- could end up with bogus subrecepients in the Vendor table.    
  11/15/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Do we need the use of attributes on Purpose or Proj. on the GL side?   M      
  11/15/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Does the CFDA need to be "unhid" on the Award Hdr.?   M      
  11/15/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Need meeting with Facilties- to determine if they would need a sep. SetID and or Business Unit if they use Projects. CORE & Rick & FACILITIES  R All things at a database level would need to be negotiated with Facilities.   11/25/03 Meeting 11-25-03 : Issues were discussed, and all database issues will be negotiated, the idea of a sep. Project business Unit would be revisited, if Facilities comes up in P.S.
  11/23/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Need meeting with GA to discuss Contract Setup issues. Ben Martin, CORE R   12/01/03  
  10/21/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Has need KeyCode been obtained for partial Contracts module. Current partial code is not adequate.   H      
  10/21/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL  Availabilty of Shared Drive?   M  Van has indicated that he has one to make available.     
  11/15/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL How will Effort Reports be produced? Exec. Team and Grants R   11/15/03 Data source will be GL, and will be a web application, with routing and electronic approval.
  11/25/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Who will open and close calendar periods   L Either can be done per module or GL can control all     
  11/25/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Security on Proj_Resource in FIPRT-   M Either make Purpose a KeyField on table- or make a view, where Purpose is an additional key field.    
  11/25/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Activation of Enable Status Control, in Projects setup-  CORE & Rick & FACILITIES  R Facilities would need- controls the way that a project status can change. 11/25/03 Facilities would need but general Grants does not- so we will enable in case Facilities ever needs it. Should not be a problem
  11/25/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Project Resources Input-- hide second panel which has GL chartfields on it- so as to limit data entry.    M There are User fields and the extra Project Chartfields which might need input- but don't want to make GL chartfields available.    
  11/25/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL PCARD- will additional Project Chartfields come over into Projects?   H Need to have meeting with Purchasing/IT   Depends on decision about use of extra chartfields.
  11/25/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Project Security- possible use of a Resource with a $0 budget amount in the Proposal Budget   M Resources in the budget come over into Project Team Security. Would this be a problem for proposal submissions?    
  12/2/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Contracts: Journals Templates- how to populate and send over to GL Ben Martin R Tamara will send a list of templates to Ben. 12/02/03 Ben wants them summarized to GL and have all of Transaction Chart String whenever possible.
  12/2/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Contracts: Journal ID Masks   H Tamara needs to meet with Ben and discuss options.    
  12/2/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Contracts: Accounting Rules- population of line Ben Martin R   12/02/03 Ben desires to have all chartfield values in the line that comes to GL.
  12/8/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL HR Data- Foreign Nationals have their foreign address as their home address. Does this matter?   M      
  12/8/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL HR Data-  New Faculty are required to have an I9 and so are 300s. How do we put a new PI or CO-PI on a proposal that does not have an EMPLID yet??? How about PI that will never have an EMPLID???   M Could possible just type the name- and other fields. Tamara will test for us.    
  12/8/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL HR Data- When a Professional is selected during the Grants Proposal Process- there is NO SECURITY on it.   H Tamara will verify with SP1    
  12/9/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL  Contracts: Do we need a Generic Delegated Auth. Sponsor for the Offering Level?   H      
  12/9/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Reporting: How do we identify On-Campus/Off-campus research activity for reporting purposes (ROBY)   H Tamara: Activity Types could be used- there are 8 types, per Roby.    
  12/9/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL HR Data- HR did a customization for Supervisor, not EMPLID   M Not sure how this impacts Grants yet.    
  12/9/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL HR data- HR does not keep FAX and email   H Dan Grimm has the email info.    
  12/9/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Assets: Location is not search friendly- the unique location ID and the description show up. Hullihen has 291 records which are indistinguishable.   M Rick: could either append the Location Code to the Description- or do a minor modification- change the search view so that Building and Room were fields to search on.    
  12/16/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL For F&A offset- need 3 new DEPTIDs to indicate Federal State and Other so that rules can tag for buckets. Carol Rylee, Marcia Lochard. R So that F&A can be sent to Federal, State, and Other Purposes.   FA_FEDERAL,  FA_STATE,  FA_OTHER    Will not be used for reporting or on transactions.
  12/16/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Cost Share Chartfield for identification issue.   H Cost Share setup, requires a chartfield and can have a range to identify, so that cost share items do not get billed to sponsor.   Status: Issue is being discussed with CORE and a recommendation will be brought forward to Exec. Team.
  12/16/2003 GRANTS/ GLOBAL Contracts: Business Unit can't be setup- error message   H Says it needs to populate Activity ID- but there isn't one on the panel.   Jay Kelso is working the issue.
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA How much historical data do the depts need us to bring over.    H      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Do we convert all of the proposal data including budgets into PS   H      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Naming Convention for Proposal Number: Auto number vs meaningful numbering   H      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA PS proposal type vs GMS types. We have 3 1-1 matches, but have 4 have not direct match   M      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA PS Proposal purpose.  This field seem to be similar to our GMS function (ps program coa). Decision needs to be made on values to populate this field          
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA PS Program Type: This field is to track particular funding opportunities. What type of funding opportunities do we set-up and track? (matches GMS program field)          
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA KEYWORDS:  Are we going to gather a list of general keywords to use during set-up?   M      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Sponsor set-up: Need decisions on naming conventions for sponsor name, sponsor id, levels, type, etc. Do we need full addresses at time of set up   H      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Sponsor levels  How do we decided if it is "Primary" "Division" or "Program".  Can we just label all sponsors as "Primary"          
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Sponsors:  Are grants billing sponsors set-up in grants or AR          
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Professional Data: Are the we going to load this information at time of set-up.   H      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Emplid and names:  Need information from HR   H      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA how do we decided who is an "eligible pi" for the set-up   H      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Each PI must have phone & fax numbers along with dept association   H      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Need deptid and dept location. Need HR to provide us with dept addresses   H      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA BUDGET CATEGORIES and Budget Subcategories:  GMS budgets are based on old UD obj codes, thus these object codes will have to be converted in PS budget categories based on the new PS account.  Who makes the decision on which PS account relates to which budget category   H      
   10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Does Proj_Resource have to balance with GL?     H   11/04/05 Yes! Revenue and Expenses
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA CFDA number will need to be unhidden on award side   M      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA The sponsor award number is a critical part of our tracking of an award.  Where is the best place to report on this number   M      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Project/Grant Chartfield.  Are we going to have 1 award, 1 project with multi-analysis types. What is the best way to use this field to track an award with multi-PI with their on bucket of money.          
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA FA TREE Who is going to set up this tree ( 9 different O/H methods)          
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Do our current subrecipients need their location information  and A-133 box checked in Grants   M      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA If we are taking our current awards and loading them as proposals and then move them to award, what is the best way to do that?          
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA F&A set up.  How is this going to be handled.   M      
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Analysis Type has to be tagged on every transaction in order for FA to be charged.   H GL- Resource Analysis Type    
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Milestones: How are we going to use this field? RS suggested she could use it for indicating qtrly FSR due.          
  10/27/2003 GRANTS/ DATA Resources Analysis Type drives F&A. Is this the same a budget categories   H   11/06/03 NO
  10/28/2003 GRANTS/ Billing Revenue recognition - we currently recognize revenue when the payment is received   L      
  10/28/2003 GRANTS/ Billing Deferred revenue - treatment of   L      
  10/28/2003 GRANTS/ Billing Grants bills separate from Misc bills   M      
  10/28/2003 GRANTS/ Billing Keep Grants AR separate from Misc AR   M      
  10/28/2003 GRANTS/ Billing F&A Distribution - avoid double booking   H      
  10/28/2003 GRANTS/ Billing Billing history conversion - how much to bring across   M      
  10/28/2003 GRANTS/ Billing AR Distribution codes - share with Grants   M      
  10/28/2003 GRANTS/ Billing Delegated authority billing/conversion   M      
  10/28/2003 GRANTS/ Billing UDTC - will they use billing?   L      
  10/28/2003 GRANTS/ Billing Gifts processing (4-5 accts)   L      
  10/28/2003 GRANTS/ Billing Unbilled AR - accruals   M      
  10/21/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) Delivered NIH 398 form does not work --needs resolution or build own report GRANTS H Galveston is working on a word 2003 option; need to check with other schools; very few on pre-award    
  10/21/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) What tools will the report team use?   H      
      Will RPT include Proj_Resources or will UOD tables add new fields?   H Proj_Resource and its 'buddy' tables act as a warehouse, this seems a logical approach    
  10/21/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) Data input directly into FIPRD for proposal submissions--the need is for immediate return of the data back to the submitter; web forms cause delay; RPT causes delay in data retrieval   H evaluate our row level and security and page/screen options    
  10/21/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) Who will train the Report team on the proper tools?   H      
  10/21/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) Effort reporting   H already reflected in other issues    
  11/20/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) Security for RPT with regard to Grants data     if security is driven from Purpose in RPT, this changes our Project Team security approach which is already applied to the Proj_Resrouce array of tables.    
  11/20/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) Security as it relates to COGNOS   M      
  11/20/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) Volume of data to bring over for reporting     report team needs to make a recommendation on this and present to core team.    
  11/20/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) keywords     keywords are begin collected among the colleges; Chris Cook will bring to report team for recommendation and population through data team    
  11/20/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) professionals data/HR integration     relates to reporting of professional data. Anna Bloch indicates little desire to hold data not relevant to HR. the integration needs to be addressed carefully with HR at the table for the discussions.    
  11/20/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) reports/forms needed   H need to assess the reports needed; Phase II report team is gearing up and ewill address fully in Mid December; progress has been made on this as of 12/12; a document lives in FIDOCS    
  12/16/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) PI Inquiry page   H report sub-team will be heavily involved in an effort to produce a PI Inquiry page (similar to UDCheck) for PI and other end users. The plan is to explore COGNOS as a potential tool. We will add Greg Keane to the team for this and will be workign closely with Carol Rylee as we explore our options.    
  12/16/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) Cost share purposes   M PS requires that we assign a value (or range of values) to cost share in order that we can flag the related transactiosn for inclusion in the Proj_resource talbe and that they may be exclused from the F&A calculations. The recommendation is that we use a specific purpose per fund type. There will be a furhter explanation of this in a document on FIDOCS.    
  12/16/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) link related projects to each other /an award?   H How do we link the related projects/puproses to each other??? Is this just through project? Then how do we know about budgeted amounts? Maybe this isn't an issue but as we develop reports we'll need to be able to answer this question frequently.    
  12/16/2003 Grants (Report Sub Team) what tables do we need in RPT?   H Need to get the list of needed tables for PROJ_RES reporitng in the RPT instance from Tamara.