11/28/00 Update

The UDFS teams have been busy over the past month. We have started our review of tables behind PeopleSoft panels for each module, and listing these tables and panels in Excel spreadsheets.

Also, Van, Marsha and Julie attended the Philadephia Regional Users conference in Valley Forge, PA. Seven team members will attend the Northeast Regional Users conference group meeting on 12/11 in Teaneck, NJ.

A decision to implement version 8.0 has been made. We expect to begin "official" implementation as soon as it is available to us.

We now have an operating single user version on Titanic and Gibralter, and Van is working hard to make a version available to all team members. Carol, Jeff, Van, Dave, and Jim will also try to recreate the consultant's work in putting UD data on a single user version and getting it to process a JV. This work will occur on 12/4.

All teams will be having individual meetings with the executive team over the next several weeks. During these meetings the teams will update the executive team on their progress on various assignments, as well as impart information that they have gathered concerning "wins" with PeopleSoft as well as potential problems that they may have spotted that will present implementation challenges.