Room 003 in Hullihen Hall is now fully functional with Team Board, LCD projector, computers, etc. We are still expecting a cable from the Projector company that will allow us to display on the monitor and the Team Board at the same time.

Jeff & Carol are working on decoding the trees structure in the hope that the tree manager in Psoft can be used to construct trees that can be used in data warehouse reporting.

The teams have completed their report-gathering task and have turned in their reports and summaries to the executive team.

The Single User Version setup with Scott Smith from Digiterra will be held on Friday 10/13. It is expected that we will have a single user version operational with a UD business unit after this session.

Teams will be looking at their panels & setup tables over the next several months. They will familiarize themselves with the product so that when we have an "official" full version available, some of the learning will already have taken place.