10/20/00 Update

Scott Smith from Digiterra spent the day in 003 HH with Van Adams, Dave Adkins, Jim Green, Jeff Quirico and Carol Rylee. He came with the specific task of assisting us in getting the single user version up and running. Jeff and Carol had tried on numerous occasions to get this up and going following the setup instructions in the manuals, but then were unable to process a JV. Scott presumed correctly that the problem was in information that needed to be loaded related to control budgets. After fully setting up control budgets, and setting up a tree to go with control budgets, as well as completing all of the other panels related to setup, we were able to process a JV!!!!! YEAHHHH!!!

Scott also worked on making changes to the AP/PO modules of the single user version, as it is not fully functional as delivered. He was not completely successful in implementing these implementations, but later sent us some suggestions for how we could remedy these problems without his presence. He also sent us the listing of the 9 vendor tables and proper implementation order.

Jeff and Carol have been working on how we can use the output from the tree manager delivered with PeopleSoft to send information to our data repository for use there. The concept of trees is one that the Exec Team finds useful, but unless a customization is implemented for row-level security within PeopleSoft, we won't be able to let the campus use trees with PS Query. Therefore, we are attempting to find a way to use the trees constructed in tree manager against data in a data repository. Carol has discovered a table (PSTREENODE) that lists all nodes, their tree node beginning number (which follows the order that the nodes are listed in the tree), and their tree level (which will allow the correct levels to be assigned to the tree nodes already put in order by their beginning number). This will give us information that we need to make this data usable in a data repository. Jeff will be working on how to build this information in a data repository table so that it can be attached to data in repository.

All the teams were given the assignment by the executive team to go through the set up table document for their modules, and to touch every panel on those documents. This will encourage team members to begin "playing with" the panels and becoming familiar with them and the data that is one them.

Additionally, each team has been assigned to review the panels in their module, searching for information that either is of particular interest or that they think maps to our existing data. To do this, they need to look at the panels in Application Designer and determine the tables from which the data comes for that panel. If they find data in one of the two categories listed above, they are to note it on the spreadsheet supplied by the executive team.

Existing reports were turned over to the reporting team. They will start reviewing these reports shortly, and will also review PeopleSoft delivered reports. Additionally, in late December or early January, they will start to look at the data tables in PeopleSoft to learn what items are available and what will be useful for UD reporting purposes.