September 1, 2000 Weekly Report

The project was in a bit of a lull last week, due to vacations, etc. However, since our last update, Roby, Jeff, Carol & Van have all but completed the chart of accounts design and sample data.

This week the executive team met and spent quite a bit of time discussing reporting on trees and whether or not the use of Nvision is required. We also talked about the events lists being compiled by the teams and the use of consultants to help us set up the single user version. Details of the 8/29 meeting of the executive team can be found under the weekly update.

An MS-Access report has been successfully put on a web page for access by multiple users, as a possible report distribution tool.

A meeting was held on Thursday to discuss version 8.0 vs version 7.5, as a decision is needed on which version we will initially implement here at UD.

The teams are all meeting on a regular basis and all appear to be making good progress toward their interim milestones.

The project space in 003 Hullihen is all clean & waiting for furniture, which is to be delivered on 9/12, along with the smart board. Computers, phones, an LCD projector, and card access will follow soon thereafter. It is expected that this room will see heavy use, both as a meeting space for the teams, and as work space for regular dedicated project time from the project participants.