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Campus Vendor/Event Phone Service Requests

1. If the phone service will be the vendor's responsibility, the vendor should call Verizon to request the installation of "X" number of lines.

The vendor should request to have the line(s) installed to the Verizon demarc and cross-connected to the University's RJ21x. Please supply the vendor with the name and number of Telephone Services at 831-2412. Telephone Services should be listed as the contact on the Verizon order. The following verbage is suggested: "Please call Telephone Services @ 302-831-2412 upon arriving on campus."

2. The vendor then needs to notify the Departmental contact with the Verizon installation date and phone number information. After the install date and phone information is received from the vendor, the Department should e-mail Telephone Services with the Verizon information. Include a Departmental purpose code for telephone technician billing charges that may occur. The e-mail should also include information when the numbers will be disconnected, if applicable, so that the in-house cross connects can be disconnected.

3. On the installation due date, Telephone Services should receive a call from the Verizon technician. A campus phone technician will then be dispatched to assist with the in-house cabling cross connects.

4. After all work has been completed, including disconnections if they apply, the Department is billed for any in-house work using the purpose code that was provided in the e-mail to Telephone Services.

Departments with questions should call Telephone Services for assistance, ext. 2412.