Andrew L. Zydney

Andrew L. Zydney, Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering, joined the faculty at the University of Delaware in 1985 after obtaining his Ph.D. from MIT and his B.S. from Yale University. Professor Zydney's research is focused on the application of chemical engineering principles to the design of artificial organs and the development of improved separation processes for the purification of biological molecules. He currently serves on the Editorial Board of both Separation Science and Technology and the Journal of Membrane Science. More than 20 undergraduates have worked in Professor Zydney's laboratory at UD, studying such diverse problems as insulin release by the bioartificial pancreas, blood purification by hemodialysis, and membrane filtration of recombinant proteins. Professor Zydney has received the 1994 Excellence in Teaching Award from the University of Delaware as well as the Outstanding Young Faculty Award from the American Society of Engineering Education. Professor Zydney has also led an effort to revise and reinvigorate the undergraduate curriculum in Chemical Engineering, and he recently participated in a workshop held at UD to provide local high school teachers with novel engineering concepts and applications to enhance the science and math curricula.

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