Roy L. McCullough

Roy L. McCullough, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Program. Professor McCullough joined the UD faculty in 1971, bringing with him a wealth of industrial experience gained from 12 years with the Boeing and Monsanto companies. He has used this experience to enhance the educational experience of his students and to promote the attainment of attributes desired by industry. Professor McCullough has taught a total of 18 different credit courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels and has been responsible for developing innovative new courses in the areas of Technical Project Management and Manufacturing Science. Throughout his tenure as Associate Director and Director of the Center for Composite Materials (CCM), he emphasized the educational role of the Center and promoted an interdisciplinary research and teaching environment. Under his leadership, CCM has had a pervasive influence on education. Professor McCullough himself has directly guided the research of some 80 graduate and undergraduate students, four of whom have elected careers in academia. Professor McCullough has not only published widely in refereed journals but also contributed some dozen publications related to education, including one of the first textbooks on composite materials, which was written during his tenure at Boeing. This book has been widely used throughout the world. His contributions also include writings intended to increase the knowledge of the general public, including articles in the Encyclopedia Britannica and Scientific American. He is the University of Delaware PI on a joint program with Michingan State University to develop a manufacturing education program for the Department of Defense and industry.

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