Brief Academic Bio 


Theodore J. Davis, Jr., (Ph. D. Florida State University, 1985) is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware.  He has a joint appointment in the Black American Studies Program. He regularly teaches courses in public policy, urban politics and development, race and politics, and the politics of poverty.  In the past, he has also taught courses in the areas of public administration and research methods.   Dr. Davis current research interests includes: 1) black politics in the post civil rights era, 2) community development and inner city black communities, 3) the factors influencing the educational attainment of African-Americans, and development in Sub-Sahara Africa (especially African-American males).  He is the author of the forth coming book entitled Black Politics Today: The Era of Socioeconomic Transition.  Dr. Davis has engaged in a variety of service activities that have contributed to the service missions of the Department of Political Science and International Relations, the University of Delaware, and the broader community.