BMSC 866 Special Problem "Topics in Gait and EMG"
Wednesdays 11:15-12:30  PT Conference Room

Course Description:  In this readings course we will read historical and current literature pertaining to data processing, analysis and clinical relevance of research using electromyography (EMG) and automated movement analysis of walking patterns.
Date/location Topic

EMG Normalization
3/3/04 Class Cancelled
3/10/04 EMG and Gait Patterns
3/17/04 Stroke Gait
3/24/04 No Meeting - Spring Break
3/31/04 Cluster Analysis Techniques
4/7/04 Cluster Analysis Techniques (continued) & Factors Affecting Muscle Activation
4/14/04 Factors Affecting Muscle Activation
4/21/04 Fatigue (Ryan Maladen) 
4/28/04 Foot Drop Gait (Barb Spears)
5/5/04 Gait Classification (Sara Farquhar - O'Byrne)
5/12/04 Walking Patterns (Trisha Kisar)
5/19/04 EMG and Principal Components Analysis (Wei-Li Hsu)